The Dragon Healer of Tone (World of Tone)
in which time Terra said nothing, he finally spoke.
    “Fienna, this is important to your mother. I think you should go.”
    “But, but, you’ll be alone.”
    “You know your mother and Lowlack will take care of me.”
    “But, nothing. This is your mother’s wish, and she wants you to be strong and independent. I think you should go. Please!”
    “Well, if you think I should, I will.”
    “When do I go, Mother?”
    “Tomorrow morning.”
    “So soon!”
    “Yes. It is the new moon, and you can return on the full moon.”
    “That’s too long.”
    “It will past fast. Don’t worry.” said Terra with a smile.
    “All right, tomorrow morning. I’ll leave.”
    The next morning her mother pushed Fienna toward the cave’s entrance. She looked back one last time to Terra who smiled reassuringly. Fienna took off and slowly flew from sight.
    “Fienna can you hear me?”
    Fienna was flying alone and heard her Terra.
    “Where are you, Terra?”
    “In the cave with your mother. I will always be with you. Don’t worry.”
    “I thought we had to be close for our minds to talk.”
    “Apparently not.” Fienna thought.
    From that point on, Terra and Fienna were in constant contact.
    Whatever she did Terra could see and feel, and whatever he did she could do the same.
    Fienna first went to their secret lake in the crevice. It was sunset, and she could feel Terra fall asleep. She decided to explore the area. Even though it was sunset, she as all dragons could see as well in the sunset as the sun-rising. She kept imaging this as her and Terra’s home. She imagined the cave their home and a path from the cave to the lake. This would take work. She would have to clear a path through the trees.
    Fienna decided to surprise Terra and do the work at sunset when he was asleep.
    Fienna first started to tear plants out of the ground and through them into a pile. The pile got quite large, and she was leaving huge holes in the ground. She flew the plants to the ocean and dumped them, but she wasn’t sure what to do about the holes, so she quit for the sunset. The next morning she was hungry and decided to hunt. Terra was bathing in his pool and then started to eat some of the seed rocks he liked so much.
    Fienna flew toward the mountaintop where she liked to spot running beast from. There she sat until she saw a small group of beasts moving down the valley. She took off and dove. It was an easy task to grab one of the adult beasts. She was very hungry from the work of the sunset before and quickly devoured it. She was tired and decided to return to the lake and take a nap in the sun. When she awoke in mid-afternoon, Terra was asleep. Fienna then decided to go to their cove. As she approached, she saw Setilan on the beach. Fienna had somehow learned the language of the sea nymphs through Terra. She never really questioned this since it was natural for her to learn from Terra’s mind.
    Fienna landed and spoke to Setilan of her plan, but her problem of the great holes made by the trees. Setilan was surprised that Fienna could speak to her, but after she calmed down from the shock, she tried to think of a way to help. She finally came up with and idea. If they could move the beach sand, it would fill in the holes. But, how would they get it there? Then it came to Setilan. They could use one of the big baskets that sea nymphs used to store shellfish in. She knew one that was not used this time of the year, but it was too big for her to lift. Setilan decided to ask the Musicas to help them. They were pleased to help when they heard the plan. Setilan led one of the Musicas to the basket.
    He lifted the basket and took it to Fienna on the shore. Fienna picked up the basket by its two edges and dove toward the beach scooping up a load of sand. She then flew back to the area she was working on the sunset before. Fienna dumped the sand into the holes. One basket filled over three holes.
    That sunset when Terra was sleeping, she

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