The Casting Couch
The Casting Couch

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    Erotic Romance
    Copyright © 2011 by Amarinda Jones

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    Editor: Ann Zerbst

    First E-book Publication: July 2011

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    Chapter One

    "Please, take a seat." He shut the door behind them.
       Caroline Croft looked around the room. It was as she expected. There were four video cameras set up at different vantage points in the plain, creamed-colored room. She could see the red light on each of them telling her they were working and trained on her. The only furniture was a dark, red leather sofa where she sat and a mahogany desk and chair beside where he stood. All things considered he wasn't what Caroline expected from her sister Avril's description. She had expected the devil incarnate in a shiny purple pimp's suit. But he was nothing like that. Simple blue denim jeans and a plain white business shirt covered his tall, lean body. His hair was thick, dark and wavy. If this had been any other occasion, she would have been instantly interested in this blue-eyed, hardbodied man. But Caroline wasn't. She was here to teach him a lesson.
       "What's your name?" he asked.
       "Caroline." She sat back on the sofa, her eyes on him. W atch. Learn. Act .
       "Just that?" He leaned against the desk's edge.
       "Yes." Caroline had no plans to be friends let alone meet him again. She was well aware of what she had to do. The thought of what she would need to accomplish to get him where she wanted him to be didn't daunt her. Caroline understood both men and sex. The former could frustrate or delight while the latter she enjoyed with a pleasure she felt no guilt from. Sex was sex unless it demeaned or trapped someone. Her sister had been both. B ut not for long . Caroline had a plan. Use him as he had used Avril. "What's your name?"
       Caroline knew that already. He was Marcus Ambrose, thirty-two, unmarried owner of six
    properties in the best suburbs of Cairns and he had a part interest in a strip club and also legal brothel. Working as an administration assistant at the town council chambers gave her access to find out information

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