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Authors: Amarinda Jones
Tags: Erótica, Literature & Fiction
But what if he does the same thing to you?
        Not bloody likely. Besides I have a plan to teach him a lesson.
       "Film career?" Was he kidding? This was all about filming the dumb and the stupid in order to scratch an itch. Caroline uncrossed her legs and closed them together. She knew he was engrossed in her every move. Men were so simple to deal with. She leaned forward to show off more of her boobs. "You make porno films for money. I like money. I like sex. It's all pretty simple to me."
       "I like a woman who gets right to the point. So I will too. Take off your clothes. Don't worry about the cameras. That's purely so I can view the footage later and decide which client's production company would be best suited to you. No one else but me will see what we do here today."
        Liar. T hey had already seen footage of Avril being fucked on the internet. It had gone viral. Caroline had not seen his face until now. He had skillfully distorted it so only her sister's face had been visible. That made her even more eager to teach him a lesson. Caroline stood up and smiled at him. "I don't have any panties on so there's not much to take off." Again, she watched him swallow hard. Perfect . I'll use him for my own satisfaction . With her eyes locked on his, Caroline reached down to the hem of her lightweight summer dress and lifted it up to expose her pussy.
    "You have your clit pierced."
       "Is that a problem?" Caroline knew it wasn't. She had yet to meet a man who considered it so. She continued to lift the dress up and off her body.
       "You're very beautiful."
       Caroline smiled and dropped the dress to the sofa behind her. "Some men don't like full-figured women." Caroline slid her hands behind her back and unhooked her bra. Naked to her had never been an issue. She was who she was.
       "Wow," Marcus murmured when he saw her breasts.
       Caroline pushed them together. "Would you like me to take your dick and slide it between

       This was the most exciting woman Marcus had ever met. She was shameless in her nudity and speech. She was, in fact, pure sex. He could hardly wait to plunge inside her body and fuck the stuffing out of her. That he was filming it was a bonus. T his tape I'll keep for private use only. "Turn around." He wanted to see her ass. Marcus knew it would be exquisite.
       Caroline turned as requested and pushed her butt toward him. "You like?"
        This woman is totally fuckable . Marcus took a deep breath and counted backward from ten. He knew he had to pace himself or he would blow his load before he even had a chance to touch this woman. "Oh baby, the things I want to do with you." He pulled at the buttons of his shirt.
       She looked back at him over her shoulder. "So do it but…"
       "What?" His shirt hit the floor.
       "There is one thing I require."
       "You need to use a condom." Caroline turned around to face him.
       That was standard practice for him. Marcus had fucked so many women in this room that safety was not something he compromised on. He reached into his left jeans pocket and pulled out a strip of condoms that he threw on the desk.
       "But you can come on me."
        Oh God, I want her . "Come over here, baby and let's get dirty."

    Chapter Three

       Caroline walked toward him. She had to admit, despite the circumstances, she was feeling pretty damn horny. Just the suggestion of sex made her feel that way. It had been at least a month since she had enjoyed a man between her thighs. The added bonus was this one would be taught a lesson. She would make sure there would be no more women coming to his office to "star" in a film.
       Her eyes roamed down from his handsome face to his hair-roughed chest. Her tongue longed to lick from his neck down to his dick and back up again. She gazed at the obvious bulge in his jeans. Caroline wondered at his staying power. Some men came just looking at a naked

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