The Calling: A Paranormal Mystery Vol. I

The Calling: A Paranormal Mystery Vol. I by Daria Kacie

Book: The Calling: A Paranormal Mystery Vol. I by Daria Kacie Read Free Book Online
Authors: Daria Kacie
arms around him, giving him a big unexpected hug. 
    “Are you ok?” she asked.
    “I don’t know,” Greg shot back.  “I didn’t get any sleep again last night.  You can’t believe everything that went on at my parent's house.  When I realized what had happened, that I had taken it there, I felt so bad!” 
    “I know,” said Tina. “I felt the same way when I realized I was the one who brought it here.  I’m so sorry!” 
    “It’s not your fault, obviously this thing, whatever it is, just latches on to people and takes a ride.  I’m so creeped out I don’t know if I’m coming or going!”  Greg said. 
    “We’re almost done blessing the house.  Karen is like my second mother.  Lizzy, her friend, is a Minister and Janet is a psychic.” Tina was talking a hundred miles an hour now, “Janet, the psychic, said immediately something was missing and we didn’t know what she meant and then we realized it was you!” 
    “Ok, ok, slow down there, you’re gonna hyperventilate!” Greg said patting Tina on the shoulder. 
    Tina took a slow deep breath as they stepped into the foyer.  She hadn’t realized she was so wound up. Inside the foyer, the group was waiting for Greg and Tina. 
    Greg walked through the door and Janet immediately said, “So you’re the missing one!  I see you dropped your baggage off before you came back here.” 
    “What do you mean?” asked Greg feeling confused.
    Janet looked at Lizzy and Karen, “She’s not with him.”
    “Greg,” said Lizzy, “may we bless your apartment and then talk about your parent’s situation?”
    “Sure,” he said, unlocking his apartment door and pushing his way inside. “Make yourself at home.” He motioned them all to go in.  They stepped into his kitchen.  There was no perfume smell and he felt nothing.  He hoped that was a good sign.  The entourage walked single file through each room with the blessings and prayers of protection, and then finished up in the foyer.
    Lizzy blessed the foyer and they all moved onto the porch where Lizzy sprinkled salt in front of the main doors.  They prayed for a barrier of protection against anything negative.
    “Greg, why did you leave last night?” asked Lizzy.
    “I just completely lost my cool.  I came downstairs after talking to the girls and I got this overwhelming whiff of perfume.  My mother says its Loves Baby Soft.   It was at their house last night when we came home from dinner.  My Mom knew the name of the perfume.   I smelled it and felt like someone was standing right next to me in my apartment and I just bolted!” Greg looked down at his feet. “I feel ashamed that I left the girls here alone.  I wasn’t thinking.  I just knew I couldn’t stay here one more minute.”
    Greg began relating the events of the past 24 hours.  They all listened, riveted by his story.
    “Ok,” said Lizzy, “we are willing to help, but just so you know, we are amateurs.  We will do what we can but I can’t guarantee anything. ” 
    “Greg,” asked Janet, “may I touch your hand?” 
    Janet placed her hand on Greg’s and took slow breaths.  “We need to go to your parent's house.  She is there.”
    “How do we know it’s a ‘she’?” asked Greg.
    “We’ve all felt it. That has been the impression we’ve all had so far,” said Anna. 
    “Admittedly, I felt the same thing,” said Greg.  “Let’s get this show on the road then.  You can follow me to my parent’s house.”
    Tina and Anna jumped in Greg’s car. The women gathered up their ‘blessing bags’ and hopped into Lizzy’s car and were off to the next adventure.
    “Oh, wow,” commented Janet.  “I just had the most overwhelming feeling of sadness. Lizzy, I’m feeling some trepidation about this meeting.  I feel so sad and I’m not sure what to expect.”
    “None of us knows what to expect at this point Janet,” said Lizzy. She wondered to herself, What have I gotten us

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