The Calling: A Paranormal Mystery Vol. I

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Book: The Calling: A Paranormal Mystery Vol. I by Daria Kacie Read Free Book Online
Authors: Daria Kacie
    Karen had not said much during the blessing.  Although she wanted to help Tina, she secretly wished she could bow out.  “This is a lot of drama.  I wish we could go home.” 
    Janet leaned in from the front seat, “The drama isn’t over yet, sorry.  I feel there is more to come when we get to Greg’s parent’s house.  There is something more, something being hidden.  I just feel it.”
    “I feel pretty convinced the spirit is Sunday Stewart. It all fits.  Mary told me it was a sad situation.  Sunday’s brother found her when he got home from school. The family left the house and moved back east shortly after Sunday’s death.  It tore the family up, which is understandable.” Lizzy said. She couldn’t imagine finding her sibling dead nor could she imagine how a parent lived through such a terrible loss. 
    “I feel like it was an accident,” said Janet.
    “What do you mean?” asked Karen. “I thought she left a note.  I thought she killed herself?” 
    “She didn’t mean to die.  She didn’t think she would actually die,” Janet responded.
    “Let’s see what you pick up when we get there.  All of us need to be on ‘psychic alert’,” said Lizzy.
    Karen squirmed in her seat. “My gut hurts, is that alert enough for you? Let’s not do this.”
    Lizzy felt nervous as well but knew they couldn’t turn back now, “We HAVE to finish this.  I really feel we have to help them, especially since it kind of originated at your house.”
    “I know. I know,” Karen said totally exasperated. “I just don’t know how this could be happening to me, us…it’s surreal. For the record, it did not originate at my house.  It originated from Justin Blake’s house.” She did not want to participate further. She wanted out of this drama and the sooner the better.
    “Looks like we’re here,” Lizzy said as they slowed to a stop behind Greg. 
    Greg’s parent’s house was a cozy-looking Craftsman built in the mid 40’s.  It was painted a brownish grey with grey-blue trim.  It had a cottage feel.   The front yard was adorned with a quaint flower garden.  Greg led the way as Tina and Anna followed close behind.  Lizzy, Karen and Janet grabbed their bags and walked toward the house.  Deanna stood in the doorway as the entourage approached.
    “Welcome,” Deanna said with a half-smile trying to act relaxed. She led everyone into the living room. Right away, Lizzy noticed a thick feeling in the air.  Janet reached out and touched her arm as they gathered in the coffered ceiling living room. The home was quite beautiful. In the middle of the floor was a pile of wedding  and family pictures.
    “Please sit down,” Deana motioned to the couch and love seat.  I will go get Tom.”
    The distinct odor of Loves Baby Soft spun through the air.   Lizzy, Janet and Karen all looked at each other, eyebrows raised.
    “I haven’t smelled that since high school!” exclaimed Karen.
    “I know,” Lizzie said, “I used to wear that!”  It was funny how that smell brought back a hundred memories of her own teen years.  Oh, the angst and all the intense feelings , Lizzy remembered.  “I’m glad those days are behind me.” Karen and Janet agreed. 
    “The pictures were like this when we got home from breakfast this morning,” Greg pointed out. 
    Tom and Deanna entered the room.  Tom, a tall attractive man in his mid-forties was just beginning to show speckles of grey in his thick dark hair.  He had a strong athletic build.  Greg was fortunate to inherit much of his father’s DNA.  Tom, however, did look noticeably drained.  Lizzy could feel that his energy was very low.  She supposed it stood to reason after having a night of spirit antics keeping them all from sleeping.
    “Hello, I’m Tom Hoskins,” he thrust his large hand out and enveloped each woman’s hand as he gently shook each one.  When he got to Janet, she took his hand with both of her hands and held it. She

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