The Black Mass of Brother Springer

The Black Mass of Brother Springer by Charles Willeford

Book: The Black Mass of Brother Springer by Charles Willeford Read Free Book Online
Authors: Charles Willeford
friendly kiss. Oh, no, not at all! They kissed and they drank gin and they smoked cigarettes, and then they removed all their clothes. Oh yes, they did! But they did not remove their clothes because the night was warm! Oh, no! They removed their clothes because they wanted to sin and love the devil! And they did! He kissed her all over her secret body and she returned his kisses! And again they drank gin and smoked cigarettes and sinned and sinned again and again until the devil had taken full possession of their bodies and their faculties and their hearts! This young man and this young woman are now in this church pretending to love God, but they do not! They have turned their backs on God and have given themselves to the devil!
           "But they can be saved. All of you can be saved if you give yourself to your Lord and Master, Jesus Christ our Saviour who gave His life so that you could be saved! Yes, He gave His own life for you, and you must only give up your love of the devil to repay your Lord. Who will be saved? Who will march down the aisle to truth? Who will give himself to Jesus? Who will worship the Lord and forsake the devil? Who will come forward and take me by the hand and say, "Reverend Springer, I have seen the light, and I want to be saved!' Will you? Will you? Will you?" And I pointed my accusing finger.
           "I will!"
           "Oh, yes!"
           "Let me love the Lord!"
           "Yes, sweet Jesus!"
           "I am a sinner, Reverend!"
           "Let me be saved!"
           "All right," I said, "I will accept your promises in the Lord's name. Form a line down this aisle, and come down and shake my hand. After you shake my hand, continue around in front and up the other aisle and return to your seat. When all have been saved, and you are back in your places, turn and congratulate your neighbor by kissing him or her upon the cheek, and by shaking hands. I do not want any man, woman or child to leave this church without giving himself to our dear, sweet Jesus! If there is one man, woman or child left who has the devil inside him I will drive the devil out before I let that sinner leave the church! Now, come and give yourself to your Lord and Master and Saviour!"
           I held out my arm and shook hands firmly as the parade down the aisle began. There was noise, excitement, shouting, crying, and mumbling and muttering and unintelligible speaking, but not one person in the church failed to shake my hand, including Rosie Durrand with the tears flowing down her cheeks, and the frightened young choir girls. All of this business took some time, but after the group settled down somewhat and had returned to their places, I announced a hymn, and we all sang, I Waited For The Lord, led by Miss Durrand's deep voice in lieu of a soprano, the rest of the congregation chiming in on the chorus. The strong, faithful, musical voices filled the room with song. And it was very beautiful. When the song was over, I gave a final, short prayer.
           "Lead us, O Lord, into the light, and guide us through the week, and help us every day in every way to lead better, cleaner, holier lives. Amen."
           Following my final prayer, Dr. Jensen and Jackie Linsey each took an aisle and passed small wicker bread-baskets back and forth along the benches for the offering. When they had completed the canvassing of the standees, Dr. Jensen waved to me from the back door, and I stated: "There will be an evening service tonight at seven-thirty." As I left the pulpit I remembered that I had forgotten to mention the proposed Bible classes, but I was too tired to return for the announcement. I could do that little bit at the evening service...
           As the members left the church I shook hands again, standing on the porch, and accepted compliments right and left.
           "You are a real sin-shouter, Reverend Springer."
           "An inspiring

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