The Billionaire's Marriage Proposal (Billionaire Bachelors Series - Book 4)

The Billionaire's Marriage Proposal (Billionaire Bachelors Series - Book 4) by Melody Anne

Book: The Billionaire's Marriage Proposal (Billionaire Bachelors Series - Book 4) by Melody Anne Read Free Book Online
Authors: Melody Anne
least not until after he’d eaten.
    “I’m going to take you to one of Vienna’s favorite places,” he told her.
    “That sounds great. I wouldn’t even know where to begin. I can’t believe I’ve only eaten at the hotel since we got here. Don’t get me wrong, the food is great, but it’s nice to experience the local culture and you simply can’t do that from a hotel room,” she told him.
    “I understand, and I’m glad we have the time for you to play tourist,” he told her with a chuckle. The car dropped them at Plachutta. The place was crowded, but he had no problem securing them a table and there was a waiter at their table within seconds. She sighed, thinking again that money most certainly did equal power.
    “Try the Tafelspitz, it’s one of the most renowned dishes of Austria and this place makes it better than any other,” he told her. She let him order her meal, not knowing what she’d like and not understanding the menu, anyway.
    The dish was fantastic with a beef so tender it fell off the bone and was surrounded by a host of vegetables, in a delicious broth. The meal came with fried potatoes and delicious warm bread and different sauces.
    By the time they finished their meal, she felt like her stomach was going to split open, it was so full, but she somehow managed to take a few bites of the decadent desert. By the time he paid the bill and ushered her back to the car, she was falling asleep on her feet.
    The day had been exhilarating, but exhausting, and she didn’t know how she’d make it back to the room. She slowly followed Trenton to the elevator and swayed on her feet as he opened their hotel room door.
    Trenton took one look at Jennifer’s face and knew he wouldn’t be able to take her to his bed that night. She couldn’t even keep her eyes open, let alone have the energy to make love. He’d have to make sure they didn’t put so much on their agenda the next day, because he couldn’t go another night with nothing more than a cold shower.
    He watched her stumble into her suite and decided he’d check on her in a few minutes to make sure she’d at least made it to her bed. He was exhausted, too, but he realized it had been the best date he’d ever been on. She was so genuine and full of life, and things seen through her eyes were much better than the jaded people he was so used to being around.
    He drank a double shot of bourbon, checked on Jennifer, and then took a long, cold shower, before crawling into his own bed. He was surprised when his eyes shut - he was just about as tired as she’d been. He fell asleep with a small smile on his lips.
    Jennifer woke up and jumped from the bed. She was eager to start her second day as a tourist in the city of Vienna. She didn’t know where they were going, but she knew it would be great. She quickly showered, dressed and then practically ran to the dining area.
    Trenton was already seated and drinking coffee and she didn’t even stop for pleasantries. The sooner she finished breakfast, the faster she could be out on the streets, exploring the city more.
    “You know you can actually slow down, nothing is going to disappear if you have a decent breakfast,” Trenton told her as she piled the food in. She grinned at him like she was an excited child.
    “I can’t wait to get back out. There’s so much more to see,” she told him and then stuffed the rest of her breakfast down her throat and jumped up to grab her coat. “Where are we going today?”
    “I thought I’d take you to the Schonbrunn Palace. It’s on the outskirts of the city and where the royal family resided during the summers,” he said, which gained him another one of her full blown smiles.
    “That sounds perfect, let’s go,” she said, leaving him no choice but to get up and follow her, or be left behind. She caved in and let his driver take them to the place, since she was so eager to get there.
    They walked from one beautiful room to the other and

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