The Arrival

The Arrival by Adair Hart

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Authors: Adair Hart
shoulder. He had read about vampires, but to him, they were no more scary than the Ogeerians. “Will do. Thanks.”
    Lord Noskov nodded. “One other thing. Since you are familiar with Seceltor technology, it would be appreciated if you could help us move in and adjust to it. You and your father are welcome to stay here during that time. We can help you relocate afterward and will provide funding so that Robert doesn’t have to work.”
    “I’d like that,” said Jake. Living in an environment with technology he was familiar with seemed like a natural transition. Living with Robert for three months was a new experience for him. He had wanted to explore when Robert was at work, but not knowing the culture and norms and having to possibly deal with crews like Shakedown’s kept him inside. It was constricting for him. At least at this base, he had the scout ship to play with and would be able to spend more time with Robert and Kathy, and he could also learn more about Earth culture.
    “My men are freeing the slaves below. Your father is there,” said Lord Noskov. “He’s anxious to see you.” He looked at Kathy. “We can take you home whenever you wish.”
    Kathy nodded.
    Jake took a deep breath. “Okay then.” Kathy stepped out to his side and grabbed his hand and half smiled at him. A creeping warmth spread across his body. He smiled back at her.
    “I need to take care of Greecho,” said Evaran. “I will be back to send Greecho’s main ship off to the Kreagan Star Empire with information on the outpost. Lord Noskov, the coordinates of where to send it will be needed.”
    Lord Noskov nodded.
    Evaran glanced at Jake. “We can also visit Jells afterward if you wish. I suspect he would like to meet Robert and see you again.”
    Jake’s eyes misted as he puckered his lips. He recalled the first time meeting Evaran, and his state of mind. To be here, now, with Kathy on his side, Greecho gone, a new relationship with his real dad, and the opportunity to see Jells again hit him like a freight truck. This new situation and perspective was intoxicating. Evaran had helped him find his true self when he did not have to, at the cost of U4. He was finally free and controlled his fate. Going back to how he used to be was not an option. He extended a hand toward Evaran. His voice cracked. “How can I ever repay you?”
    Evaran shook Jake’s hand. “Be a Melkins.”
    Jake cracked a smile. “On it.”
    “What are you going to do with Greecho?” asked Kathy.
    Jake thought he saw Evaran’s eyes glow slightly, as if there was an energetic fire being silhouetted against them. He noticed Lord Noskov take a step back.
    Evaran clenched his jaw and then licked his lips. “He is going far away.”

    An hour later, the Torvatta touched down back at the Bilaxian prison. Evaran walked into the holo room on the Torvatta. It had converted energy into matter in the form of three cells standing next to each other. Each cell had sleek metallic frames with a glass-like material serving as walls. Holes near the top and on the side allowed the three slavers to talk.
    Evaran stood in front of them.
    “Where’s the others?” asked one of the slavers.
    “Greecho is in my medical lab. He is too hurt to be here. Your other crew member is dead. Your days of slaving are over, and you will never again endanger another human from Earth. You are all going to prison.”
    “Fine with us. Not like it will hold us for long,” said another slaver with a smirk.
    “I can guarantee you that this one will,” said Evaran.
    “Better be glad we’re in here. Otherwise we’d stomp another hole in your ass,” said one of the slavers.
    One of the slavers laughed. “No, no. Evaran has to ambush us. He remembers what happened when he tried to face us.”
    Evaran turned and began to walk away.
    Another slaver snorted. “Aww, he’s still upset we broke his robot toy.”
    The other slavers laughed.
    Evaran stopped for a moment before turning around. He

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