Tap Dance

Tap Dance by J. A. Hornbuckle

Book: Tap Dance by J. A. Hornbuckle Read Free Book Online
Authors: J. A. Hornbuckle
Tags: Romance
    "Morning, Pyari ," he rumbled, his face still planted in the pillow.
    "Morning, Sailor," Even I could hear the suppressed laughter in my voice as I responded.
    He was sitting up on the side of the bed when I returned. 
    His dark thick hair was a hot mess and he only had the sheet draped over his genitals, providing me with a stunning view of his arms, chest and abs.
    I grabbed my bra, t-shirt and panties as I made my way to the bed. 
    I stepped into my panties and pulled them up. He opened his legs and snagged my hips, positioning me directly in front of him.
    His arms reached around my waist and he pressed his face in my belly as I ran my fingers through his hair. 
    We stayed like that for a few quiet moments.
    "Tea, honey?"
    "Uh-huh," I heard him say, his face still in pressed against me sounding more asleep than awake.
    "Pop Tart or Eggs?" 
    Sometimes even I had to take a break from the sweet pastry.
    "You cook?"
    "Well, yeah.  How else am I gonna eat?"
    "This just keeps getting better and better."
    I rolled my eyes and wrapped my arms around his head for a quick hug before I released him. 
    I grabbed my t-shirt and went to the kitchen to get breakfast going.
    We were just finishing up eating, when I asked him about my apartment.
    "I've been meaning to talk to you about that, MG, but every time I try to tell you, we get side-tracked," he said with a wicked grin.
    "Okay, now's a good of time as any, Sailor.  Spill!"
    "Remember how I told you that Tim and Jeff have been working to figure out the who, what and why?   They've got nothing so far.  We're still waiting for the tests to come back from Cortez.
    "But," he said firmly.  "I still don't think you should go in alone."
    "What are you saying, Ram?"
    He turned on his barstool and leaned into me, his arm draped on the back of my stool.
    "What I'm saying, Pyari , is that your reaction to your apartment when we were there, shows me that seeing it is hard for you.  I'm just saying that it'd be a good idea for you to have someone with you when you go in."
    "It was hard." I admitted. "I get it. I understand what you're saying.  Maybe I can get Caitlin to go with me."
     His hand moved from the barstool to rub my back.
    "We think the person that did this was looking for something and from the way everything was upended or cut up they thought it was something you'd hidden."
    "Yeah, Pyari .  Hidden, tucked away, not easily found."
    I was thinking this through and found I had caught my bottom lip with my teeth.
    I raised my eyes to his.
    "I don't have anything like that to hide."
    "Well, maybe a Bob but nothing that anyone would cut up a sofa for."
    "A Bob?"
    "Yeah.  You know.  A Battery Operated Boyfriend?"
    He couldn't help it. 
    The laughter rolled up through him and he was completely unable to keep it inside.  He tilted his head back trying to get a grip but every time his laughter would slow, he would think of her sweet voice explaining about her vibrator. 
    Her vibrator, for God's sake.
    When he finally felt like he could control himself, he glanced at her.
    She was just watching him. 
    Not laughing with him. 
    Just watching.
    "Are you done?" she asked.
    "Aw, don't be mad, Marianne.  It's just the thought of someone tearing up your place for your sex toy just hit me as funny."
    He leaned into her and watched as a smile played across her lips.
    "Lastly, we submitted our report to your insurance company and you should be able to talk with them on Monday to schedule an appointment with their Claims Adjuster."
    "I just wish someone had told me, Ram.  I had no idea how bad the damage was until I saw it with you.  Before that, I thought you…you were…"
    He waited for her to complete her sentence but her skin took on a rosier hue and her eyes were trained on her plate.
    "I thought you were exaggerating so I would use your guest room," she said very fast.
    He thought about what she said, or rather, the

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