Taking Courage

Taking Courage by S.J. Maylee

Book: Taking Courage by S.J. Maylee Read Free Book Online
Authors: S.J. Maylee
Sir.” Freedom raced through her. This man knew what she
needed. A new reason to submit entered her arena. The need to be open and
honest pushed her past her fears.
better.” A pleased looking smile lifted the corners of his lips.
on his feet, he led her by the chain back to the window. Each tug sent a new
bolt of desire through her system. She was naked, her nipples were clamped, her
ass was plugged, and she was waiting for orders she prayed would lead her to a
hard fucking.
wanted to know what it felt like to be taken by this man. The
one who didn't ignore her needs. The one who believed
her when she said she wanted this.
released the chain, and she resumed her spot at the window. Her legs spread
wide, open for whatever he wanted.
hand returned to her core, now wetter than before. A tug on the chain and a push
of his fingers inside her channel pulsed desire with a renewed force.
that moment, she would do anything, whatever he commanded. His fingers pushed
and pulled through her pussy lips and raked over her clit. Simultaneous tugs on
her nipples and clit pushed an orgasm within reach.
zipper clicking and paper ripping filled the air, and seconds later his thick
cock head dipped past her entrance.
leaving the plug right where it is. I want you filled completely.” His fingers
found the plug and pushed gently. “I want you to feel my command of your body
everywhere.” His hands rubbed over her back side. “I'm doing this wrong.”
definitely doing it right, Sir.”
you, pet, but I want to see your eyes when I take you.” He pushed his desk
chair out of the way and threw down the plush blanket he'd cloaked her with the
other day. He took her hand and helped her down onto her back. She spread her
knees wide. “What a beautiful sight.”
you, Sir.” She stretched her hands above her head.
need to get inside you, right now.” He nestled in over her and positioned the
head of his cock at her entrance. Her soaking channel eased his way, and with
each push he moved further inside, slowly filling her.
spread through her body as she adjusted to his size. He was everywhere. Her
lids drifted closed, and she luxuriated in his touch.
open.” He entered her again. “You will not hide from me. Not here.”
power of the moment washed over her. She wanted to give this man a lot more
than just her body. From the moment she saw his leather covered legs and his
green eyes, she’d wanted him, but now that she knew more about him, she wanted
him that much more. With each push he exposed more of her heart and took it
with him.
pet, that feels good. You're so fucking tight.” He stretched her and pushed at
her resistance.
next push had double the force, and he slammed into her, almost fully seating
himself inside her. Her body was his. He controlled every sensation. She melted
as her orgasm pushed at the door.
you dare come. You better hold it.”
pulled from her completely. She shook from the emptiness as ripples of passion
twisted her in knots.
trying, Sir.” A deep breath did nothing to calm her breathing, nor did waiting
for him to fill her. He owned her. “I need your permission, Sir.”
fingers dug into her hips. He tilted her hips slightly and surged back in to
the hilt. Back and forth he pumped into her. Each time, he jarred the plug, and
the chain shifted on her chest, moving the clamps. It took enormous
determination to stave off her peak.
took her with unrelenting force. Smacks of bodies repeatedly coming together
and lungs working overtime filled the room.
can't hold much longer, can you?” His hot breath washed over her.
Sir, please.”
begging is sweet, and your pussy is hot comfort. Not sure I'll ever have enough
of you.” He slowed his pace, and his evil fingers stroked her extended nub. “Come
for me, now.”

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