Summer in Good Hope (A Good Hope Novel Book 2)

Summer in Good Hope (A Good Hope Novel Book 2) by Cindy Kirk

Book: Summer in Good Hope (A Good Hope Novel Book 2) by Cindy Kirk Read Free Book Online
Authors: Cindy Kirk
Jeremy Rakes instead of staying with the man that brought her?”
    “Her name is Charlotte McCray.” Though he responded to Anita, Max’s eyes remained on Prim’s face. “She’s a friend.”
    “A friend you brought to one of the biggest social events of the summer.” Anita’s lips lifted in a sly smile. “Sounds like more than a friend to me.”
    The anger that slammed into Prim told her Anita’s barbs had achieved the desired result. While it was true Prim had no claim on him, why had he kissed her with such sweet emotion? The way he’d acted had made her believe she was someone special to him.
    As if afraid she might lash out, Ami looped her arm through Prim’s. After a warning squeeze, her sister smiled at Max. “I can’t wait to speak with her and get acquainted.”
    “Looks as if you’re about to get your chance.” Anita’s eyes glittered in the glow of the Chinese lanterns. “She’s on her way over here now.”
    Everything about Charlotte McCray was high-end: hair, makeup, clothes . . . even the confident smile that showed a mouthful of straight, white teeth.
    When Charlotte zeroed in on Max like a homing pigeon come to roost, it took all of Prim’s self-control to paste a welcoming smile on her lips.
    Once again Prim told herself she had no claim on Max. He was free to attend barbeques with whomever he liked. But why did he have to bring Charlotte? Hadn’t Max seen that for every minute she wasn’t batting her eyelashes at him she was busy making eyes at Jeremy? Apparently a tight wrap dress that barely covered her cleavage was more than enough to excuse Charlotte’s nonexclusive flirting.
    And who in their right mind would even consider Jeremy when they were on a date with Max? Prim couldn’t trust the sanity of a woman who didn’t realize she was already on the arm of the best man in Good Hope.
    It doesn’t matter. Prim’s anger deflated like an untied balloon. If it wasn’t Charlotte, it would be someone else. A great guy like Max wouldn’t stay single forever.
    Prim wanted him to be happy, to find that special someone.
    Just not Charlotte.
    Just not now.

    “It was sure nice of Ami to arrange this housewarming.” Max took a sip of wine and gazed around the comfortable living room. Though Prim had barely moved in, the place already had a homey feel.
    He tapped the edge of a picture to straighten it, then turned back to Steve. The two men stood by the front window.
    “I’m glad you could make it. It wouldn’t have been the same without you here.” Steve clapped Max on the shoulder. “It’s just too bad Anita couldn’t have joined us.”
    The older man appeared serious so Max merely nodded, though he knew the evening wouldn’t have been nearly so pleasant with Anita in attendance.
    “That looks like something off a Hallmark card.” Max gestured with his glass of wine to where Beck sat on the floor building a Lincoln Log fort with the twins.
    Prim’s father tilted his head, considered. “Better if there was snow falling outside and a fire blazing in the hearth.”
    Max studied the scene, grinned. “And Beck should be wearing one of those red sweaters with a bunch of dancing reindeers across the front.”
    At the sound of his voice, his friend looked up and started to rise.
    “Go back to playing with the kids.” Steve waved him down. “Max and I are just planning a Christmas card.”
    After a quizzical look, Beck shook his head and picked up another log.
    “Boris needs reindeer antlers.” Max swore the wolfhound, crouched down and waiting for an opportunity to steal a log, got a pained expression.
    “That would complete the picture,” Steve agreed, chuckling as he took a sip of wine.
    “You’ve got a wonderful family, Steve.” Max spoke in a matter-of-fact tone, ignoring the emotion that kept trying to clog his throat. The Bloom family was special, always had been, and always would be.
    They genuinely enjoyed spending time together. Conversation and wine had

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