StudinTexas by Calista Fox

Book: StudinTexas by Calista Fox Read Free Book Online
Authors: Calista Fox

Chapter Six
    Sam invited Sky to take a walk down by the lake after they’d
cleared the dishes. The conversation had been stilted at the dinner table, with
the mood turning sullen because of the new horse.
    Sky agreed to go with him, but she didn’t seem to have much
to say. They strolled along the shoreline, Sam’s arm around her shoulders. The
water lapped against the rocks and the moonlight sprinkled glittery rays over
the placid surface.
    When his cottage came into view, she gestured toward it and
asked, “Is that yours?”
    He nodded. “Want a tour?”
    He showed her the grounds, then escorted her inside. He’d
worked with an architect to draft an open and spacious floor plan, with the
focal point being the floor-to-ceiling, wood-encased windows and doors that
showcased the lake.
    Sky stood in the living room, staring out the glass panes,
and said, “This is so beautiful. With a view like this, I’m not sure I’d ever
want to leave the house.”
    He grinned. “Caleb is some visionary, I’ll tell you that
much. He saw all the potential this property offered and moved heaven and Earth
to acquire it.”
    “I respect the fact that you two are so close. Supportive,
not competitive.”
    “Well, when you meet our parents, you’ll know why we stick
together. Beer?”
    Sam popped the top off two bottles and carried them over to
where she still stood, staring out at the lake. He caught her gaze in the
reflection from the window and said, “You could stay the night. We don’t have
to do anything. You’d be safe here.”
    She turned to face him and accepted the beer. She took a
couple sips, then told him, “It is kind of late to be driving back to
Luckenbach. And I already know I’d be safe here. You don’t have to reassure
    His head dipped and his lips glided over hers. A whisper of
a kiss. “Make yourself at home. You can take one of the guest rooms. Or mine,
if you want. I’ll sleep on the couch. Whatever works best for you.”
    She stole a glance at the leather sofa and then said, “Looks
comfy and cozy.”
    He let out a low grunt. “You wanna join me?”
    “Yeah,” she said without hesitation. “I do.”
    Sam set his bottle on an end table and did the same with
hers. Then he brushed his fingers over her apple cheeks, loving the silky feel
of her skin. He kissed her slowly, deeply. One of her hands slipped around to
his back. The other gripped his upper arm, causing the muscles to flex.
    She dragged her mouth from his and murmured, “Show off.”
    He chuckled. “It’s purely involuntary. Every inch of me
responds to a kiss from you.”
    “I’m right there with you, cowboy.”
    They kissed again, the languid and leisurely liplock
gradually turning into a hot, intense one. Sam’s arms slipped around her waist
and he lifted her slightly off her feet to carry her over to the sofa.
    He sank onto a cushion, bringing her with him. He leaned
back and when she was sprawled on top of him, he broke their kiss and said,
“Nothing feels quite as good as your body against mine.”
    Their tongues tangled and heat rushed through his veins, but
Sam had vowed to take it slow for her sake. Yet he didn’t abandon kissing her.
He just tried to keep his hands from roaming. It wasn’t too much of a hardship,
considering she was pressed against him, her breasts nestled below the ledge of
his pectoral muscles. And their kisses were hotter than hell. Sexy and sensual,
with a healthy dose of mutual desire to fuel them.
    He cupped the side of her face with his hand and continued
the erotic dance their mouths did. Their breathing turned heavy. His cock
strained against the fly of his jeans. Every fiber of his being cried out for
more, but he kept to his word. Their current situation didn’t rattle her cage.
Something more than that might.
    He’d let her lead. As long as he could keep kissing her, he
didn’t mind following.
    When she finally pulled slightly away and stared

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