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Authors: Calista Fox
again. Christ, everything inside him was so tight
and raw, it was a wonder he could think straight. But he managed to say, “You
know I’d stop if you asked me to.”
    “I wouldn’t ask you to. This is different, Sam. You know
    “I do.”
    His hand slipped under her shirt and caressed her skin at
the dip of her waist.
    Sky let out a sigh of contentment. “I picked the wrong men
in the past. Funny that Reese picked the right one for me.”
    “Sometimes friends see something you don’t.”
    She left feathery kisses along his jaw, then asked, “And you
don’t mind?”
    “Notice how hot I am for you.”
    She laughed softly. “Sizzling chemistry.”
    “How lucky are we?”
    Sky was quiet a moment, then said, “I can answer that
honestly for myself. But you’ve walked into something complicated.”
    “I’d do it again. In a heartbeat.”
    Her lips touched his. He easily lost himself in her kiss.
His hands moved up her rib cage, to her breasts. He palmed them and caressed
them. Then his thumbs slid over her puckered nipples, rubbing them through the
lace of her bra.
    She moaned and it was all he could do not to strip her bare
and taste every inch of her.
    Instead, he moved his hands down her sides and cupped her
perfectly rounded ass. His leg was wedged between her parted ones and he used a
bit of pressure to grind her sex against his thigh.
    She gasped. “Sam.”
    “Just want you as hot as I am.”
    “Already there,” she assured him.
    He kept one hand on her butt and slipped the other one
between their bodies. He unbuttoned her jeans. Slid the zipper down its track.
Then his hand eased behind the waistband of her satin panties and his fingers
glided over small, dewy lips.
    “Sam,” she said again on a sharp breath. She kissed him and
then whispered, “Yes.”
    He stroked her slowly, his fingers massaging her labia as he
gave her lazy, tongue-less kisses that teased them both.
    Her hand curved around his neck and her body moved above
his, telling him how restless he made her.
    His fingers homed in on her clit, in a circular motion, and
she moaned into his mouth. Fire roared through his veins, hot and bright.
    “I want to make you come,” he told her.
    “Yes,” she repeated. The need in her voice intensified.
“Everything you do to me feels so good. So right.”
    He kissed her, his tongue delving deep this time. He
increased the pressure on the knot of nerves between her legs and she writhed
above him. Her fingers twined in his hair and her chest rose and fell quicker
as it pressed to his.
    Sam eased his finger inside her tight pussy. She tore her
mouth from his and let out a small cry of pleasure.
    He stroked her while the heel of his hand rubbed her clit.
Whimpers fell from her lips, making him burn even more for her.
    She buried her face in the crook of his neck. Her mouth on
his skin as she kissed and nibbled sent him into sensory overload. His cock
pulsed in wicked beats and his pulse hammered in his head.
    He worked a second finger into her narrow canal. He pushed
deeper. Stroked faster.
    “Oh God.” She let out a throaty moan. “Right there. Just
like that.”
    He kept at it. Sky’s breathing escalated, then caught as her
body tensed.
    Sam felt a tremor shoot through her and her inner walls
contracted around his fingers as she came, his name riding a sharp rush of air.
    God, he wanted her. She was so damn wet, it was all he could
do not to rip open the button fly of his Levi’s and sink into her warm depths.
    Of course he had more finesse than that. More control.
    But his body literally ached for her.
    She pressed her forehead to his shoulder and labored over
her breathing. He withdrew his fingers from her and snaked his arms around her,
holding her tight. Realizing in that moment, he could forsake any needs he had
for hers.
    Hell, he might just be a little bit in love with her.
    * * * * *
    Sky tried to get her bearings, but primal urges she’d never
felt before gripped her entire

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