Stalking Dead (Vampire Hunter Book 2)

Stalking Dead (Vampire Hunter Book 2) by S.C. Reynolds

Book: Stalking Dead (Vampire Hunter Book 2) by S.C. Reynolds Read Free Book Online
Authors: S.C. Reynolds
Henry stormed out of the bedroom.

Chapter 29
    I was stunned. And hurt. What the hell just happened? Did Henry truly think that I was capable of doing something so horrible? I knew he was reeling from what I’d told him, but I’d never have expected him to lash out at me like that.
    Does he really want me to leave?
    I couldn’t believe that those words had come out of his mouth. If I’d had any inkling whatsoever about how he’d react, I would have never told him about his dad. I’d worried that kissing Henry would ruin our friendship, but that paled in comparison to this.
    My legs felt shaky, but I forced myself to try to stand. On the first attempt, my knees gave out and I fell back onto the bed. I felt like I might faint, but knew that was physically impossible given my un-dead state.
    Just when I didn’t think things could get any worse. I’ve truly hit rock bottom. My best friend in the world hates my guts.
    I stood up again. I had to get out of this house. I felt like I was crawling out of my skin. But where can I go?
    I stepped outside his parent’s bedroom and walked slowly towards the stairs, pausing to see if I could hear Henry in his room. Footsteps. He’s up there.
    I stood for a moment longer, hoping Henry would open his door and come down the stairs, tell me he was sorry for what he said, that he knew I would never really want to rip his family apart, that he believed me.
    But Henry didn’t come down the steps, and I couldn’t stand there all night. I headed downstairs. Since Henry’s parents were on the cruise, I had been able to move around freely. My jacket was sitting on the kitchen counter. I grabbed it and checked my pocket for my cell phone. Nothing else to take , I thought sadly.
    It was dark outside so I didn’t bother putting on the baseball cap. I didn’t even care if anyone I knew saw me. At least if they did, it would be out in the open, no longer looming over my head.
    After I reached the edge of the gate and walked through it, I turned back one last time to look at Henry’s house. I’ve lived there for weeks, undetected, and now I’m never welcome there again.
    Not paying attention to where I was walking, I headed down the street. I had the vague sense that I was going towards my house; alarm bells were faintly sounding in my head.
    Maybe I’d just show up and throw myself into my mom’s arms. I desperately needed a hug from my mother, and I longed to see her face again, to smell her perfume as she wrapped her arms around me.
    When I first heard my name, I was so deeply engrossed in my thoughts that I figured I somehow dreamed it. But when I heard my name the second time, I knew it wasn’t my imagination.
    “Aurora! Over here.” I recognized the deep male voice almost immediately. Lucas!
    I squinted across the street. There he was, standing half obscured by a huge oak tree in the neighbor’s yard. He was wearing his signature coat, with the hood pulled up over his head.
    “What are you doing here?” I hissed. “I’ve had the worst night of my life. I can’t take much more.”
    “I’ve got to talk to you,” he called back in a stage whisper.
    I jogged across the street to where Lucas was standing.
    “Why didn’t you call me?” I asked him.
    “I tried to call you several times! Check your phone.”
    I pulled it out of my pocket to look. “I do have some missed calls.” I was too caught up in kissing Henry to hear my phone ring.
    “First you don’t answer my call s, and now I find you wondering the streets at night.” Lucas looked at me suspiciously.
    “Oh, calm down, I’m not out searching for victims. Once I make the jump to murderous creature, you’ll be the first to know,” I added sarcastically.
    “Wow, what’s gotten into you? Fight with your boyfriend?” Lucas’ tone was teasing, but I was in no mood to joke around.
    “What’s wrong with you, you idiot? Henry is not, never has been, and never will be my boyfriend. And I’m pretty sure he’ll

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