Stacy's Destiny
what package was she referring to? His investigative mind had a million questions. If Stacy was in some kind of trouble, he and Eric wanted to know what it was and how to help her. She had a short fuse and seemed to be on edge in any intense situation. It could be some sort of post-traumatic stress related to the attack, depending on the severity. She didn’t trust him to catch her even after he gave his word and stood directly below her. However she did react positively to their kiss and even when Eric kissed her. Max struggled with the decision of asking her about the call he overheard or waiting things out. He didn’t want to jump to conclusions, and he didn’t want to be accused of not minding his own business. However, he wanted to know everything there was to learn about Stacy. This situation could be serious. The DA in any town or county didn’t get involved in just minor cases. This had to be big.
    He heard the storm door slam closed as he walked toward the front of the cottage and saw Stacy heading toward Eric. He didn’t want to come off as possessive, but he was knocked off his boots just from kissing Stacy. She really packed a punch, and he was interested in tasting some more of what she had to offer. Confronting her about the phone call could land him in a heap of trouble. He was just as surprised as Stacy when he turned the corner and saw that Eric had painted the entire side of the house.
    “What do you think?” Eric asked her. Stacy stared at the color on the house for a few moments. It was a drastic change to the beat-up, dirty color that had been on the house before. The paint job made the house look brand new and entirely different.
    Stacy smiled, and it was the most beautiful sight Max had ever seen.
    “It’s gorgeous. I love it. What do you two think of it?” she asked them, and he was touched that she even cared to ask.
    “I would never have thought to use this color on a house, Stacy. It looks fantastic. Then when you add the bright white trim and that special woodwork you cut out, it’s going to look amazing,” Eric told her as he smiled.
    “It will look like a completely new place and no one will even remember the old way the cottage looked. You brought it back to life,” Max added moving closer.
    He saw the tears in her eyes as she stared at the side of the house.
    “I like that, Max. I like thinking of it as bringing the old house back to life. Do you think we can finish it today?” she asked.
    “If you stop standing around and start pitching in,” Eric teased, and she gave him a playful punch in the arm. Max laughed as Stacy tried to run off before Eric snagged her around the waist. She was too slow as Eric pulled her into his arms, kissed her on the mouth, then turned her around, tapping her on her ass before sending her on her way. When Stacy looked toward him, with her eyes wide open in shock at his actions. Eric raised his eyebrows in challenge, and she hurried away.
    “Pretty slick move, bro,” Max teased.
    Eric chuckled. “I can’t seem to get enough of those lips of hers.” Eric stood there watching Stacy practically jog out of sight as he touched his finger to his lips.
    Max had an uneasy felling in the pit of his stomach. He wanted to know what potential danger Stacy was in. Thinking about the way she reacted to Gutry and then had a near panic attack made him assume her fear had something to do with a man. He was surprised at the instant anger and jealousy he felt. Then he felt Eric poke him in the arm.
    “What’s up with you?” Eric asked.
    He debated about explaining things now to his brother or waiting until later.
    “What’s wrong?” Eric pushed.
    “I overheard Stacy talking to Millie on the phone.”
    “She mentioned the District Attorney’s office, an investigator trying to track her down, and about handling being attacked and something else about contents of a package. It was bits and pieces of the conversation, but I think she may be in

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