Hidden Depths

Hidden Depths by Aubrianna Hunter

Book: Hidden Depths by Aubrianna Hunter Read Free Book Online
Authors: Aubrianna Hunter
hide his bite mark, grabbed her bag from the table
and all but run out of the bar, mumbling something about too much alcohol.
    It was the first time in the three years she'd owned her
business that she had been utterly grateful that she did not work banker's
hours. She didn't even open until noon today. Thank God. She rolled over and
decided that a little more sleep would be just the ticket to making her feel
human again.
    As her eyes drifted shut her doorbell rang. She ignored it
the first time, and the second. When the third ring was followed by a
persistent knocking she finally threw back the covers and screamed out,
"I'm coming!"
    "Fuck." Yelling made her head hurt. She stumbled
to the door, sure she knew who was on the other side.
    She swung open the door muttering, "You weren't supposed
to be by until tonight, Josh..."
    It wasn't Josh, but rather Kelly standing on the other side
of the door. Holding a cup of coffee out towards Gia, she asked, "So, we
were expecting someone else I take it? And he's coming over tonight,
    "What, no... I just figured... after last night...
never mind. What are you doing here, Kell?" Gia knew she sounded grumpy,
but damn it she was grumpy, and the temptation of coffee only did a tiny bit
towards changing that.
    "Awww, well good morning to you too, sunshine. I just
thought I'd come on over and bring you some coffee. See how you were feeling
this morning. You know, since you drank so much you had to run home last night.
Without even saying goodbye. After you and Josh danced. Really, really close
    Grimacing and trying to hide her guilt behind the cup of
coffee, Gia took a giant gulp, only to gasp and choke on the coffee. "Holy
fuck, it's hot!"   
    "Well, duh. I just walked to the coffee house and came
straight over here. So, take a deep breath and spill, Gia. What's going on with
you and Josh?"
    Catching her breath, and taking another, smaller sip of the
coffee, she tried to stall until she could figure out what to say. Finally, she
decided on, "Nothing."
    With a short barked out laugh, Kelly said, "Sure, it
totally looked like nothing last night."
    "What? It was just a... dance."
    "Uh huh, a really, really, really close, sexy dance.
Sexy enough that I could feel the steam coming off of the two of you."
    All of a sudden Gia was light headed, falling backwards onto
the sofa as her knees gave out. "Oh hell... you saw us? Could everyone see
    "If by everyone you mean Deb... then no. I happened to
pick that particular moment to head to the bathroom and I caught the little
show on my way by. You guys were pretty well hidden from the table."
    "Oh... good. I just wouldn't want Deb to have seen
    "Dancing? Are we still going to go with dancing or can
we both acknowledge that's a euphemism for sex in public?"
    Gia gasped, choking on her coffee again, this time actually
spitting some of it out of her mouth and down the front of her shirt. She
coughed, trying to get air as she breathed the coffee into her lungs.
    Kelly got up from the table and rushed over to Gia's side.
"You okay?" she asked, patting her on the back.
    After a minute she caught her breath, and answered,
"Yeah. I'm good."
    "Okay then... since I know you're not shy about sex,
what's with the choking?"
    "Did it actually look like we were having sex...
    "What? No, not literally, you were just dancing...
there was just this vibe coming off you guys... Wait, you weren't... aaahhh...
were you? Is that even possible?"
    Gia, who was never embarrassed by anything, felt her cheeks
heating up. Before she could even respond, Kelly continued.
    "Gia, did you and Josh actually have sex on the dance
    "No!" Gia yelled, taking a deep breath before she
continued a little more calmly. "No, we did not have sex. I have never had
sex with him, and I never will, let alone on a dance floor."
    "Okay, then why the red-faced thing you've got going on
right now? I don't think I've ever seen you blush

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