Springer, Jan - In Her Bed [The Desperadoes 2] (Siren Publishing Ménage Amour)

Springer, Jan - In Her Bed [The Desperadoes 2] (Siren Publishing Ménage Amour) by Jan Springer

Book: Springer, Jan - In Her Bed [The Desperadoes 2] (Siren Publishing Ménage Amour) by Jan Springer Read Free Book Online
Authors: Jan Springer
and he’d grabbed her ankle, he’d handled her loosely. Had she wanted to, she would have been able to break free. She hadn’t. Instead a wild, gorgeous fire danced in her eyes.
    She wanted to be taken. Wanted to lose herself in something, yet she hadn’t figured out she’d wanted to lose her self-control. And he would make her lose it, too.
    “Ready, boys?” Durango asked, his voice breathy and aroused. Tyrell didn’t have to gaze down and check if the other two were ready. He sensed the pent-up sexual tension zapping the air like lightning bolts all around them. He knew Liz would feel it, too.
    “Condoms? Lube?” Durango asked.
    “I placed them in her top right drawer beneath her panties when she wasn’t looking earlier,” Landon acknowledged.
    “Sex toys?”
    “Snuck them in from the saddle bags while she was kneading her bread,” Tyrell answered.
    Both men visibly tensed.
    “You men sure know how to pleasure a woman.” Tyrell chuckled. “And that’s all I’m saying.”
    He grinned as Landon and Durango cursed softly as they understood he’d been watching while Liz had gone down on Landon and Durango had taken her from behind.
    “You weren’t as bad off as you were playing, were you?” Durango asked, shaking his head in amazement.
    “Playing on a woman’s sympathy is what gets me some tender loving care,” Tyrell joked, although he really had felt bad before Liz had removed the bullet with such tenderness he’d just about died. “And I can tell she likes me. I noticed the way she looks at my muscles, which by the way are bigger than either of yours.”
    Durango and Landon grinned widely at him.
    “Big talk for a big man, eh?” Landon wiggled his eyebrows, dropping his gaze to Tyrell’s extremely long, hard, and swollen erection. “So, let’s go and see if size truly matters.”
    Landon and Tyrell made a move toward the bedroom door behind where Liz was lying restrained on the bed.
    But Durango ’s fingers curled over Ty’s and Landon’s shoulders, stopping them cold.
    “If all three of us go in with our huge sizes, she’ll get scared. Her sweet, tight pussy and ass are begging to be taken, but let me go in first and get her ready.”
    Tyrell knew the man was right. Although privately Durango had told Landon and Tyrell about Liz, and Ty had known about her even before meeting her, she really didn’t know him and hadn’t slept with Landon either. So yeah, she would be frightened having three big guys coming into the room at the same time. The last thing he wanted was to frighten Liz. So, he’d have to be patient.
    Beside him Landon agreed. Tyrell put in his acknowledgement and watched a totally nude Durango open the bedroom door.

    * * * *

    Due to the sudden turn of events of finding herself tied down on her bed instead of Durango being here, Liz could not believe the wicked excitement lashing her senses. Earlier, after Teyla had left, and Liz had come into the bedroom to inspect Landon’s and Tyrell’s wounds, they’d noticed her agitation almost immediately. Their concern had her feeling she could confide in them. She’d confessed she’d discovered she hadn’t been the one who’d shot Durango after all. When she’d asked if they would help her with a payback plan forming in her mind, they’d eagerly agreed.
    She’d trusted them, but she totally understood why they’d turned on her. Their fear of her retribution made her realize the guys felt they needed to stick together. United they conquered, divided they fell, was the old saying. Instead of being angry for too long, she’d realized the loyalty between the three men was as thick as thieves, and it made her happy that such a bond existed between them. They had each other’s backs, and that was pretty rare for people these days.
    Being tied down here on the bed with three men lurking around in the hallway ready to carry out exquisite, naughty stuff exhilarated her, and it made her imagination come up with all sorts of

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