Springer, Jan - In Her Bed [The Desperadoes 2] (Siren Publishing Ménage Amour)

Springer, Jan - In Her Bed [The Desperadoes 2] (Siren Publishing Ménage Amour) by Jan Springer Page A

Book: Springer, Jan - In Her Bed [The Desperadoes 2] (Siren Publishing Ménage Amour) by Jan Springer Read Free Book Online
Authors: Jan Springer
wicked things. She could hear them whispering in the hallway, and when the door creaked inward, Liz tensed. Realizing she was breathing hard and hoarse, she held her breath and watched and waited.
    Durango strolled in, and she exhaled in relief. The relief was short-lived as he was totally naked and fully erect, his toned body laced with muscles. Lots of delicious muscles. Very nice.
    Her gaze dropped and her eyes widened at his immense size. She realized she’d forgotten over the months how truly big his erection could get when he was aroused. Or how it made his cock swollen and rigid and flushed to an angry red color, not to mention raising a magnificent web of elevated veins interwoven along the engorged length. She swallowed. Her throat felt suddenly dry with excitement and fear. Her senses were in full alert as he strolled confidently to her dresser and slid open the top right drawer where she kept her panties. He dipped his hand inside the open drawer.
    Tension sliced through her. What was he up to in there? She didn’t remember him having an underwear fetish. She blinked in surprise when he lifted out several packages along with what was unmistakably a black blindfold.
    Oh. How had they gotten there?
    She wanted to ask him that question, but she was mesmerized now as he placed the packages and blindfold on one side of the dresser and took out other items. Lying them out on top of the dresser, he lifted lids on boxes, and she realized they were several boxes of condoms as well as tubes of lube and a massive pink dildo. Have mercy , she hadn’t realized such items were still being produced these days with the chaos running rampant around the world.
    “Where…where did you get those?” she questioned softly.
    “Abandoned sex toy shop in some deserted town we passed through weeks ago. Of course we thought of you, and we all helped ourselves to some sealed packages.”
    He said nothing else as he arranged everything on the dresser, and then he moved in front of the items, his back to her, blocking her view. She heard him rip open the other packages that he’d laid at the side of the dresser.
    She stretched her neck as much as she could, trying to get a view through the dresser mirror at what other items he had there, but she saw nothing. She did however see the wonderful expression of anticipation on his face. Watching his face in the mirror, she noted his cheekbones were flushed and his eyes filled with lust and eagerness.
    She trembled with excitement.
    As he turned from the dresser, she spied the blindfold in his hand.
    “I’m going to be using this on you,” he said as he sat on the edge of the bed near her and placed the blindfold on the pillow beside her head. “It’ll heighten your senses. Make you more comfortable with three men your first time.”
    Her tummy hollowed out in a very nice way at the mention of her being pleasured by three men. She shook her head, not wanting her sight to be cut off, but wanting it at the same time. She realized she was teetering on the edge of doing something she’d been raised to believe was improper, but something she truly wanted and craved. This. Durango and two other men fucking her.
    Just then she noticed a smear of blood on the white bandage she’d wrapped around his upper arm wound. Her doctor’s training snapped aside her arousal.
    “You’re bleeding. I should check that.”
    He shook his head, the tips of his lips lifting into a warm smile. “I’m fine. You don’t have to worry, Doc. When I’m around you I don’t feel physical pain. I feel pleasure and happiness. I feel you , sweetness.”
    Oh my gosh.
    “I feel you are ready, Doc. But I want to hear it from you.”
    Her, ready? A sudden bout of panic snapped through her, but she forced it away. “I don’t know. I don’t know if I would ever be ready for something like this,” she answered truthfully.
    But her body was betraying her brain. Her breasts felt swollen, her nipples tense beneath her

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