Soldier's Women

Soldier's Women by Megan Ziese

Book: Soldier's Women by Megan Ziese Read Free Book Online
Authors: Megan Ziese
He’d been waiting for them in the parking lot. And
instead of taking his quarrel out with him, he’d been a snake and grabbed Sera.
He couldn’t let anything happen to her. He had to get that bastard off of her
before she got hurt. He was going to have to distract him. But how?
    Sera struggled to get free until she felt cold metal pressed against her
throat. She went perfectly still, scared that if she moved Tom might pierce the
skin of her neck by accident, afraid that if she put up any resistance he might
slit her throat in a rage. The man was obviously drunk and more than
    Sera looked at Nigel. She knew that fear was written all over her face. She
could hardly breathe she was so scared. She didn’t know what to do. She was
pregnant. If something happened to her, then she didn’t want to think about what
would happen to the babies. But, if Nigel tried to save her, he could get hurt,
and she didn’t want that either.
    “Let her go,” Nigel said in a menacing voice.
    “Now why would I want to do that?” Tom said, sliding the flat part of the
blade up and down Sera’s throat. “I have the upper hand here. I have the woman.
I have the knife. No, I don’t think I’ll let her go. I think I’m going to fuck
her right here and now in front of you while you watch. And, if you try to stop
me, I’m going to cut her.”
    Sera was horrified. She was going to get raped. And she couldn’t do anything
about it. She couldn’t believe she was in this situation. Her mind raced as she
tried to think of what to do, how she might possibly get away from this maniac.
But with the knife at her throat, she knew that she had no choice at all, she
couldn’t do anything without endangering her life.
    “You don’t want to do that?” Nigel growled.
    “Sure I do. And I’m going to love every minute of it.” He pulled Sera over to
a car and pushed her front down hard against the hood of it, effectively bending
her over to that his hips were positioned at her ass. “Don’t worry, sweetheart,
I’m not going to be too fast. I’m going to take my time. And you’re going to
love every minute of it.”
    Sera couldn’t help the whimper of fear that escaped as she felt the knife
tight against her throat, as she felt his other hand pulling up the hem of her
    But then, she heard a grunt and she didn’t feel Tom or the knife anymore.
    She turned her head to the side and saw that Nigel had tackled Tom and was
wrestling with him for the knife on the ground. Tom slashed at the exposed skin
of Nigel’s arm.
    Sera screamed when she saw that Nigel had been cut and blood was racing down
his arm. She started crying. “Oh my god. Nigel! Please. I don’t want you to
    Nigel finally wrenched the knife out of Tom’s sweaty grasp and threw it in
the parking lot. He started punching Tom in the face, over and over again until
Tom finally went quiet. He got up and dusted off his pants. He was covered with
sweat, blood, and dirt, but he didn’t care. All that mattered was that Sera was
    He turned to find her and she ran into his arms, holding him tight around the
waist, sobbing uncontrollably now.
    “Shh. Shh. Everything’s okay,” he said reassuringly, stroking her hair.
“You’re safe now. You’re alright. I wasn’t going to let him hurt you.”
    Sera cried even harder. She’d been so afraid, afraid for herself, afraid for
the babies, afraid that Nigel might get killed and never see his children. She
pulled away and examined the cut on his arm that was still bleeding profusely.
    “You’re cut! We need to stop the bleeding!”
    Nigel looked down at his arm. “I’m just fine. It’s just a scratch. But, there
is something I need to do. First,” he bent down and kissed her hard on the lips,
effectively halting her tears. He pulled away and smiled down at her, wiping
away the streams of tears from her pale cheeks. “Now,” he said and moved away
from her to where

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