Senn (A Cocky Cage Fighter Novel Book 5)

Senn (A Cocky Cage Fighter Novel Book 5) by Lane Hart

Book: Senn (A Cocky Cage Fighter Novel Book 5) by Lane Hart Read Free Book Online
Authors: Lane Hart
admit it’s kind of hot.
    “Then what happened?” he prompts, thrusting deep inside me.
    “He laid me upside down on his lap, wrapped my legs around his neck and ate me out.”
    “Oh fuck. With the driver watching?” he asks.
    “Yeah. He pulled over and…and watched us the whole time.”
    “Did you fuck him in the cab, too?” he asks. I feel him swell inside me and know he’s about to explode. He starts moving faster, losing his rhythm, and I find myself getting close again.
    “No. We came back to my apartment…and he fucked me in the foyer…standing up. There’s a dent in the drywall…from how hard we fucked.”
    “Oh shit,” Luke groans before he pounds frantically in and out of me with his release that catapults me into my own. His hips slow until they eventually come to a stop, his cock still twitching inside me. “Wow,” he says with a smile.
    “Wow,” I echo.
    “That was hot,” he says with a quick kiss. “I ever mention my fetish for voyeurism?”
    “Ah, no. So you like…watching?” I ask.
    “Oh yeah.”
    Can’t say I disagree since the backseat of the cab with Senn was one of the most erotic things I’ve ever done. I really liked having someone watch, and I’m pretty sure Senn did, too. “That’s why you didn’t get jealous after I slept with Senn?” I ask Luke.
    “Just jealous that I didn’t get to watch,” he tells me with a chuckle.
    “You want to watch…”
    “Fuck yeah. I think you should give him another chance.”
    “What?” I exclaim, coming up out of bed so fast Luke has to roll off of me. My stomach rolls with him, but not the usual way that accompanies nausea. No, this was more like bubbles… “Oh my God. I just felt the baby move!” There’s another wave of flutters.
    “No shit?” Luke laughs. “Where?”
    I press my fingers to the lower right side of my stomach, feeling around beside my hip. It’s too soon to feel her move on the outside, but maybe I can shake her up on the inside again. Nothing happens, though, causing my shoulders to slump in disappointment.
    “It stopped,” I tell Luke, who’s rubbing a palm over my bump.
    “Aw. That’s still pretty awesome.”
    My eyes roam over the lean fighter perched naked on his knees beside me with messy, blond hair, a gorgeous smile, rows of abs and pelvic muscles to die for. How appropriate. But he’s not just a beautiful package. He’s also ridiculously sweet and would do anything for me without asking for a thing in return. “ You are pretty awesome,” I tell him, reaching over to stroke my palm over this muscled thigh. “And really hot. Even if you do have a few odd fetishes.”
    He chuckles before stretching out next to me, so I roll to my side to face him, propped up on my elbow. “I also seem to have one helluva fetish for pregnant women,” he says, eyeing my breasts and belly. “But don’t tell anyone.”
    “Your secret is safe with me,” I say, flashing him a smile.
    Grabbing my braid, he pulls it forward, draping it over my shoulder. “So Senn showed up at your doctor’s appointment?” he asks.
    “Why did you tell him? You’re sort of crazy for getting close enough to even talk to him.”
    “He’s the baby’s father, so you can’t just cut him out of this decision. Doesn’t he at least deserve a chance?”
    “He doesn’t want to be a father,” I respond.
    “Maybe he’ll surprise you.”
    “Doubtful,” I mutter, laying my head down on the pillow.
    “How do you know unless you try?” he asks, pulling the cover up and over us.
    “Why are you suddenly so gung-ho for Team Senn?”
    “Because I think he wants to be involved, he just doesn’t know how,” he explains. “Oh, and I want to watch you two fuck while you’re still up for it.”
    Laughter burst out of me so hard I have to cover my mouth to keep from spraying Luke. “You are insane…there’s no way.” My body shakes with giggles just picturing Senn’s face if I asked him to do that.
    “I think you’re

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