Senior Advisor to the Boss: Billionaire Obsession Dark Romance (Managing the Bosses Series Book 9)

Senior Advisor to the Boss: Billionaire Obsession Dark Romance (Managing the Bosses Series Book 9) by Lexy Timms

Book: Senior Advisor to the Boss: Billionaire Obsession Dark Romance (Managing the Bosses Series Book 9) by Lexy Timms Read Free Book Online
Authors: Lexy Timms
number of calls,” Jamie said. “That’s really nothing to feel bad about.” She looked down at her own lunch for a moment, looking up again when Emelie didn’t reply. When she turned her attention to the other woman, the blonde was looking down at her phone, wearing an expression that didn’t promise good news. “Everything okay?”
    Emelie shook her head. “It’s the press,” she said, looking up at Jamie. “They’ve gotten a hold of the story. They’re talking about the end of Reid Enterprises.”
    Jamie stood up so fast she almost knocked her chair over, and Emelie turned the phone screen so that she could see it.
    End of the Road for Reid Enterprises?
    Hacker Virus Takes Down Investment’s Biggest Name
    “Oh, you have got to be joking!”
    Alex was going to be furious when he saw it. They were going to have to try to get something out ahead of it, before it completely ruined their reputation. That was what he’d been trying to do. Now it seemed too late. If the news spread too far, it wouldn’t matter how fast they got the investment portfolios back together, because the company would be done for either way.
    “I’m sorry,” Jamie said. “I’m going to have to skip the rest of lunch. I hope that you enjoy yours.”
    Emelie gave her a half smile. “Good luck.”
    “Thanks.” Jamie picked up her own phone and headed for the door. “We’re going to need it.”
    It was a short walk down the hall to Alex’s office, and Jamie knocked lightly on the door. After a pause, his voice told her to come in and she stepped inside, letting the door swing shut behind her.
    “Alex,” she said as she walked in.
    He looked up from the paperwork spread over his desk with a very tired smile. “Hey, baby, what’s going on?”
    “Have you talked to the PR people yet?” Jamie asked, getting it over quickly, like ripping off a Band-Aid, no matter how much she hated that she was going to erase even the small hint of a smile that he was currently wearing. “We’ve got a press problem.”
    “What kind of press problem?”
    “The kind that’s predicting the end of Reid Enterprises.”
    Alex slammed a hand down on the desk. “Couldn’t even give us half a day to sort it out. Fucking vultures. Our ass-hat hacker probably sent the info to them.” He ran his hand through his hair. “I’ll talk to PR. You and the others keep up the phone calls. I’ve already got the financial section and IT working on restoring everyone’s portfolios. I don’t know how much I’m going to have to pay out of pocket, but it’s going to take a lot to be a problem for us, so I’m not too worried about that.” He was already picking up the phone on his desk and dialing the number for the PR firm.
    “I think you should give an interview yourself,” Jamie said as he lifted it to his ear. He turned to look at her. “People seem to accept personal appearances from you really well. If you went up and spoke, and said that we’re doing everything that we can to get the virus taken down and everyone’s portfolios fixed, and maybe said that we’re going to be reimbursing our clientele from our own account, it might change people’s minds about the company going under.”
    “I’ll talk to the PR people about it,” Alex said, and then the person on the other line was picking up and Jamie left him to it.
    When she walked out of his office, she was angry.
    It had been one thing when the embezzler had been taking a little bit of money here and there under their noses. It wasn’t exactly something that she was happy about, but at least it was something that their business, and their clients, could survive. It had been worse when he’d started directing the blame onto employees, making them doubt every person who worked for them. But this was crossing a line that was beyond Jamie’s ability to simply sit quietly and accept.
    Who hated them enough that they would want to completely ruin Reid Enterprises? All Alex had ever done was

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