Seducing Jane Porter

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Authors: Dominique Adair
Tags: Erotic Romance
than stare at the man sprawled in the bed. Only a few minutes before she’d been ready to give him everything, heart, body and soul and now she was so sickened by the sight of him she couldn’t get out of the room fast enough. She pulled the garment over her head then yanked it down.
    “One of the many things I’ve enjoyed about you is your unusually high sex drive. I’ve never met a woman who craves sex as much as you do.” The lazy smile vanished. “You’re very lucky that I came along when I did or who knows what could’ve happened. A woman, with needs as strong as yours, you might’ve taken up with any man to come along. Any dick in a storm, eh, babe?”
    Her breath left in a rush as if he’d physically punched her in the stomach.
    “You delusional bastard,” she whispered. “You never knew me at all did you?”
    “What else did I need to know, babe?” He flung back the sheets and rose from the bed. “You have a body made for sex and you’re hot for it all the time. You’re what any man would want in a mistress, a lady in the living room and a whore in the bedroom.”
    “Keep dreaming as it will never happen.” She grabbed her handbag. Searching for the rest of her clothing, she stuffed each piece into the bag. Her hands shook so hard she could barely accomplish her task.
    “I’ll never be any man’s mistress,” she snarled.
    “Come on, sexy. It’s so good between us,” he crooned. “Your body responds like perfection now that you’ve been trained to obey me.”
    His careless words were like gravel digging into her skin. Oh yes, he’d trained her well all right. He’d also blinded her to seeing what a jerk he really was.
    “There will be no more obeying from me, Mr. Ellington.” She struggled to close the zipper on her bag. “You are a liar and a fraud—”
    “I know you’re upset, Jane. Let’s sit down and talk about this—”
    “Not on your life.”
    She turned toward the door when his hand closed on her arm.
    “I said no,” she ground out. “Let go of me you evil, two-timing bastard.”
    “That’s enough, Jane!”
    He jerked her backward and she lost her grip on the bag. Peter released her and she fell, clipping the edge of the dresser with her head. Pain raced through her skull and something warm and wet ran down the right side of her face.
    “I won’t let you go, Jane.” He hauled her up from the floor then threw her on the bed face down. “You gave yourself to me, you made a promise that—”
    “A promise to a liar means nothing!”
    She started to roll to the side when his big body landed on hers, smashing her into the mattress.
    “You’re mine, Jane.”
    “Not any more.”
    Her voice was muffled by the comforter and she began to struggle. Just the feel of his body against hers, his cock against her buttocks sent a chill down her spine.
    “I only lied because I had to, don’t you get it? My wife—she doesn’t understand me—”
    Inwardly, Jane groaned. That tired old line was uttered in dive bars every night of the week all around the world. While it might work with some it certainly wouldn’t with her.
    “—I was so hot and you were so fucking gorgeous in that tiny pink dress…”
    As he spoke his grip loosened, allowing Jane to free her right arm. Wrenching it backward, her elbow connected hard with his face. Peter let out a bellow as he released her. Taking advantage of the momentary distraction, she wriggled out from under him. Jumping to her feet, her cheeks burned and her body shook. She was quite sure she’d never been as angry as she was now.
    Peter lay on the bed with blood running from his nose. He was alternately howling and swearing at her in a nasally tone.
    “I’m going to kill you, bitch!”
    Her gaze locked with his and she stood her ground. Somehow it was difficult to be really frightened of a naked, bleeding man who was howling like a girl.
    “You will never touch me again, Peter.” Her words were firm. “I’m my

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