Secret Temptation [The Callens 3] (Siren Publishing M?nage Everlasting)

Secret Temptation [The Callens 3] (Siren Publishing M?nage Everlasting) by Melody Snow Monroe

Book: Secret Temptation [The Callens 3] (Siren Publishing M?nage Everlasting) by Melody Snow Monroe Read Free Book Online
Authors: Melody Snow Monroe
take a shower.”
    She wasn’t sure if that was an invitation, but his playing made her feel as if she’d climaxed. “That was wonderful.”
    He strutted down the hall. A door clicked closed. What was that about? Couldn’t the man take a compliment? While she always sensed that Randy Stark was a complicated man, she never knew the depths of his brilliant mind. Too bad he was so misguided in his focus on life. Who better to show him how amazing he was than her?
    She waited a minute until the water ran in the bathroom. The big question was whether she should get naked and step into the shower with him, or just waltz in and enjoy the peep show? Randy wouldn’t be the type to throw her out, would he?
    He seemed to be one who might enjoy having someone watch. If he engaged in ultimate fighting, he’d be used to an audience. Since he seemed to know she’d slept with Blake, he might realize that she was willing to be with him, too, especially if he and Blake liked to share.
    While she’d never walked in on a naked man before, she had to do this. What was the worst thing he’d do? Ask her to leave? Wrestle her to the ground and get her all wet?
    Options, options.

Chapter Nine

    Damn . He should have closed the drapes, but he’d assumed that with Blake gone, no one would see him or come visit. April was the last person he wanted to hear him play. She’d ask questions, ones he wasn’t sure he wanted to answer.
    You’re full of shit . You loved that she heard your music.
    Having her keep her gaze on him throughout the song stirred a longing inside him. Randy wanted someone to appreciate him, and April seemed to get the mood he was trying to create. When she closed her eyes and inhaled, he knew she was connecting with his soul.
    She was wrong about one thing. He couldn’t make a living playing the piano. It didn’t matter that he didn’t need much money to live. He’d made more winning cage fights than he knew what to do with. Working at a manual job was what America was about. It was honest work.
    He’d been so engrossed in his thoughts that he hadn’t heard the door open. He wiped the steam off the clear glass shower door and saw April standing there, her eyes wide. What the hell was she doing here? Couldn’t she take a hint that he could never be with her?
    Conflicting thoughts raced through him. Too bad he wanted her so bad he could taste it. He knew what his roommate was trying to do. By not being here, Blake wanted them to make love. Since moving here, the opportunity to share hadn’t come up until now. Yesterday, Blake had said he was tired of short affairs. He was ready to settle down, and April was the one.
    That was the precise reason why he couldn’t give in to his urges. While he had money, he’d dropped out of college at the end of his sophomore year. April needed a man who was smart. She and Blake would be perfect together.
    Nope. His sharing days with Blake were most likely over.
    He needed a way to encourage April to leave without hurting her feelings. “Just so you know, I charge for the view.” He wanted his comment to sound like he was in control, even though he wasn’t.
    She jutted her hip out and tilted her head, looking way too cute. “How much? I’ll pay.”
    He had to laugh at that. That was one thing he liked about this pest. She was aggressive when she wanted something. He bet if he called her bluff, she’d run. He took his time washing, taking extra care with his balls and his cock, which was getting longer by the minute. He expected her to leave, but instead, she stood there with her arms crossed.
    She was an interesting woman. He’d grant her that. From the way she was staring at his cock, she wanted him. His dick turned rock hard when he considered taking her. Maybe he should test-drive her. Then she’d leave him alone where he could spend his days working with the horses.
    He shut off the water and stepped out.
    She waved a towel. “Mind if I dry you

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