Only One for Me
Brandy’s song “Best Friend.”
    “ What’s up,
    Cannon opened the door for her as she
leaned over, tossing her purse and the bakery bag in the passenger
seat. His eyes settled on her butt sitting tight and firm in her
jeans. She was more curvy now, with hips that he wanted to grab and
lift up on him or push her into the car and kiss her senseless as
he had on their first date. He couldn’t get enough of her sexy lips
that night as she sighed breathlessly in his arms, running her
hands through his hair and down his face. His manhood stiffened at
the memory.
    “ Really? Goodness, that’s
a lot of money, girl.” She continued with “uh huh’s” as she
listened to who he assumed was Sherika.
    “ Okay, I’ll see what I can
do. Don’t worry about anything.”
    “ What’s wrong?” he asked
when Yasmine pressed the end button on her smart phone.
    “ That was Sherika. The
wedding coordinator sent her the estimate for the flower
arrangements, and it was outrageous. She’s going to email a copy to
me so I can figure out how to cut the cost before Sherika signs
with this particular florist.”
    “ Would you mind forwarding
the invoice to me? I know of some florists that may be less but
still do beautiful work.”
    She cocked her head to the side with a
puzzled expression. “Sure. I’ll do it when I get home.”
    “ What?” He shrugged. “I
like to help out, you know that. Trust me, I know nothing about
floral arrangements.” And he didn’t, but anything to stay in
contact with her, because at this point the rest of their
assignments didn’t involve each other.
    She slid into the car. “Okay. Will
    “ Thank you,” he said as he
closed her door with a smile.
    Yasmine sat on her bed with her laptop
going over a presentation for next week, but her thoughts kept
traveling to Cannon. She hated that she’d let him get so close to
her, and now his scent was embedded on her skin, tormenting her
sanity. She hated the way he’d held her in his arms as if she
belonged there, and now she longed to feel them around her once
more. She hated he saw the tears on her cheeks, but wanted so
desperately to lay her head on his chest and cry her eyes out for
being without him for so long.
    She’d never stopped loving him.
Instead, she learned how to live without him.
    Yasmine fell for him when she was a
geeky freshman in high school and he was a senior. Class president,
president of the Academic and Science Clubs, as well as captain of
the golf team, he was one of the most popular and handsome boys at
their school. Besides nodding his head and saying hello in the
hallway, he barely knew she was alive. The only reason he
acknowledged her was because her mother was his mentor and favorite
teacher. Eight years later, when Yasmine was reading to her first
grade class waiting for the volunteer reader, she was pleasantly
surprised to see Cannon Arrington standing in the doorway, staring
at her as if she was the most beautiful woman in the world. That
had been fourteen years ago, and he still stirred her heart as he
had then.
    The less she saw or spoke to him the
better because she didn’t want to fall for him again. But she knew
in her heart that would be impossible. Cannon had a charismatic air
about him that drew her to him, and she didn’t know how much longer
she could handle planning the wedding if it meant having to deal
with him.
    She closed her laptop, grabbed her
cell phone, and went to the kitchen for a slice of leftover pizza.
She was alone tonight in the house she grew up in. Her mother was
spending the weekend out of town with her boyfriend. Yasmine was
happy that her mother found love again after losing her husband.
Frederick Dubose had been a workaholic, working around the clock as
a financial analyst. He died from his second heart attack on
Christmas Eve when Yasmine was only ten. She’d been devastated
because she was a daddy’s girl. While dating Cannon, she realized
how similar he was

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