Scornfully Yours (Torn Series)

Scornfully Yours (Torn Series) by Pamela Ann

Book: Scornfully Yours (Torn Series) by Pamela Ann Read Free Book Online
Authors: Pamela Ann
can easily say she wants to be your next candidate. You’re such a lucky bastard, man!” He laughed and decided to mingle towards a giggly blonde trio who were licking salt off each other’s breasts, setting up for a shot.
         “Carter my man, my man!” Cooper, obviously drunk, slurred his words. Where the hell has he been? He’s been gone most days now. He and Brody seemed to have gotten into some nasty fight because they aren’t talking.
         I’ll have to address that soon, I mentally made a checklist.
         “You think it’s time to slow down the booze?” I asked with concern. I’ve never seen Cooper like this.
         Cooper decided to ignore my question. “Where the fuck is Brody man?” His eyes squinted as he looked around for him.
         I shrugged. “He’s back at Lindsey’s dorm.”
         “Son of a bitch!” He cursed as he stomped away. I immediately followed him inside the house, but only got halfway.
         “There you are! I’ve been waiting all night for you.” Amanda snagged me aside and led me towards a quiet sitting room—away from the buzz of the crowd–then pushed me on an Edwardian couch. Amanda’s been trying to get me for the last three months. She would’ve been successful if I hadn’t met Emma first.
         Amanda was hot–with her long legs, long brown hair, and pretty green eyes–and she knew it too. Tonight she was wearing a short tight red dress that showed off her body and left little to the imagination.
         With her sultry eyes and the way she was seductively biting her bottom lip, I should be hard by now or even a half-mast—but I was neither.
         Amanda sat across from me and instantly spread her legs wide-open. She wasn’t wearing anything underneath. As I stared at her pussy, I kept asking myself, do I want to hit that?
         “Do you want a taste baby?” she murmured.
         I just might if you could get me hard. But once I do, Emma would find out. Do I even care if she did?
         Was Emma enjoying herself tonight, underneath that man? I groaned, fuck she’s killing me. I rubbed my chest to somewhat ease the ache I was feeling, but it wouldn’t go away.
         Amanda pouted when I didn’t respond to her. “Still hung up on Emma? She doesn’t deserve you, Carter.” She moved away from her seat and sat next to me. Leaning over with exaggeration she gave me a good vantage point of her creamy breasts.
         It was actually the other way around. I didn’t deserve Emma. She’s sweet and understanding, strong willed, and beautiful. She was a lot of things and Emma didn’t seem to realize that which made her even more appealing.
         Amanda, still not wavering from her lackluster seduction, decided to take off the top part of her dress, exposing her large boobs in my face.
         How far would this horny bitch go? I thought with amusement.
         Adamant, she grabbed my hand and placed it on her right breast. “You want me to feel your breast, Amanda?” I asked with boredom.
         “Fuck, Carter! I didn’t expect you to be so fucking boring! Are you fucking in love with Emma?” She screeched as she grabbed my cock from my jeans and started to rub it.
         Fuck! Love? Me? Emma?
         Was this love, this constant—the never ending thought of her—all day long? You’d think at night I would get a damn break from thinking about her, but the nights were more torturous because sleep would evade me, leaving me with my fucking memories of her.
         FUCK! This is not good.
         I swore I would never love. I would never be like my father. NEVER!
         I made an agonizing groan as the realization hit me. I’m in love with Emma. All this time, I loved her and I was fucking in denial—and now she’s off with another man.
         Amanda took my groaning as a good sign and slipped her hand inside my jeans. When her hand stroked my dick, I started to get aroused.

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