Scent of a Vampire

Scent of a Vampire by Jude Stephens

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Authors: Jude Stephens
if this would erase the memories. He pulled back reluctantly. "You do make it better Olivia. Being with you makes my heart lighter than it's been in a long time. You remind me a bit of Abri. She had the same gentle spirit you have. She was a little on the shy side, but God help you if you got her angry with you, your life was sure to be a living hell."
    His words secretly thrilled me.
    He looked as if he was done talking about his past. "We better keep walking, we have to get to shelter before dawn." We walked in comfortable silence for a while. I couldn't help thinking about the horrible things he had experienced. He killed men. Yeah, they were bad men and probably deserved it for what they had done. But I had never known a single person who had taken another's life. It was a sobering thought. But it didn't matter because I trusted Roberto.
    He opened his heart to me when he told me about his past and I knew that I could open my heart to him in the future. I was afraid Roberto may be brooding over his tragic past so I asked him, "Can you tell me more about my powers?"
    He smiled and took my hand. "Oh" I felt a little tingle in my hand at his touch. He stopped walking.
    "Well, I'm not an expert or anything but I do know with any type of power you need to harness it. Learn to control it." He pulled my hand to his mouth and nipped a finger a little before drawing into his mouth.
    I felt the heat of his mouth and tongue as if he were between my legs. Wetness rushed to my core and my legs felt weak.
    Still laving my finger he murmured rather huskily, "I can smell your arousal Olivia. You must learn to concentrate to not be so effected by your heightened sense of touch" I stepped up close to him and positioned myself so that I was straddling his powerful thigh. With his head bent down so he could watch me, I was able to reach up high enough to start kissing my way up the side of his neck. I reached his ear and said, "But you like it when I lose control. Don't you Roberto? Mmmm, now I can smell the scent of your arousal and it's making me crazy."
    What I had started out as a lesson to Roberto; that he too could lose control, quickly spun out of control. I found myself rubbing against his leg to find some sort of release from the out of Scent of a Vampire – Jude Stephens
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    control lust building in me. I grabbed his head and kissed him hard, sliding my tongue into his mouth to tease and play with his. He kissed me back and slid his hands down to my ass and grabbed me hard. A wildness suddenly took a hold of me and I grabbed a hold of Roberto's arms and began to grind harder on him.
    All of a sudden he broke this kiss off with, "Mio Dio, Olivia, you are magnificent. You make me forget every good intention I have. I want nothing more than to make love to you, right here, right now under the stars." He gave me a quick kiss and took a step back to try and slow his breathing.
    He gave me a hot look with those sexy blue eyes "Later piccolina you can bet that your lesson in self control will resume."
    "I will look forward to that." I said in a husky voice.
    "Me too, mia cara, me too. In the meantime we will travel a few more miles into these woods and then we should hit the bogs."
    "Bogs? Like in a swamp?"
    "Yeah, there is someone I know that lives in the bogs that will help us."
    I looked at him like he was crazy. "You know someone who LIVES in a swamp? How much time do you spend here?" He turned to smile at me. "Yes I do happen to know someone that lives out here and I spend a couple weekends a month out here if I can. I like the solitude and here I can be myself. I can run and hunt and not worry about being seen."
    "I can understand how that would be important to you. Is it hard hiding what you are? I guess that is what my life will be like from now on."
    "Aww, don't sound so sad. It's not that bad. We have a rather tight knit community of species.
    There are others that you won't have to hide from. Plus you will have the

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