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added benefit of having powers. Don't underestimate what it will be like for you. The world is going to be different when you come into your full powers. Your sense of smell will be so heightened you will be able to smell a predator a mile away. You will be able to see sharply in the total darkness. You will hear the slightest whisper of sound. Feel the tiniest of tremors. You will have amazing abilities. You will become a first class tracker, predictor of nature and possibly a spirit walker."
    I had no idea what he was talking about but it didn't seem frightening. It seemed important and powerful. And it seemed like destiny to me.
    "Thank you Roberto. I really don't know what I would do without you to guide me through all of this. And I'm sorry if I've been a pain."
    "You've not been a pain Olivia. I'm very glad you walked into my casino."

    Scent of a Vampire – Jude Stephens
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    I didn't want to bring it up but felt that we should clear some things up. "What about Alex?"
    Roberto sighed, "I know I am breaking some rules here but he cannot have you. I won't let him touch you again Olivia."
    "I don't want to hurt him, but I also don't want to lead him on. I let him kiss me and at the time I wanted more." I was ashamed to admit.
    He stopped me and made me look at him, "Olivia, don't be ashamed of who you are. You haven't learned to control your powers yet and what you felt was natural between a man and woman. But I will be the only one who will teach you from now on. Agreed?"
    Looking at his handsome face I swear I would agree to anything he asked me. Holy crap I wanted this man every minute of every day. All I could say was, "Yes." We started walking again and Roberto said, "We will be at the bog soon. I need to hunt before we go in. There are more animals out here. While I do that you should rest for a bit and take care of any business. You should probably eat one of those energy bars until I can provide you with a decent meal. My friend should be able to help us out with that."
    "I'm a little scared to be out here in the dark. Can I come with you?"
    Roberto came over to me and lifted my chin up to look at him. "You will be fine Olivia. Here is your first lesson. Close your eyes."
    I felt skeptical but did as he said.
    "Now, clear your mind. Reach out with your mind to the world around you. What do you hear Olivia?" I did my best to relax and clear my mind. With my eyes closed, I tried picturing what the forest looked like around us. All of a sudden I heard a rustling in a bush, some small animal that was scurrying back and forth, possibly a chipmunk. I heard the soft rustle of leaves as the wind moved them across the forest floor. Somewhere in the distance I heard what sounded like an animal lapping at water. I opened my eyes and gave Roberto a wide smile.
    "That was amazing!"
    Roberto smiled back at me and kissed my forehead, "That is just the tip of the iceberg piccolina.
    Soon you will learn how to strengthen your abilities and mold them into a powerful gift."
    "How do you know so much about a Sensay's powers?"
    "It is the same for anyone who has abilities. I needed to learn how to fine-tune my own gifts just the same as you. Of course living as long as I have, you have a lot of time to practice honing your skills. As a young pup, my father would take me out into the night and have me listen to the sounds of the world around us.
    "At first it was so overwhelming that I wanted to run away, but my father would be stern with me and help me focus on one sound at a time. That is what I just did with you. It is all about Scent of a Vampire – Jude Stephens
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    using your mind to focus on your abilities." I looked at him anxiously. "Will you teach me?" He tilted my head up and brushed a soft kiss across my lips and said in a husky voice, "I will teach you many things mia cara."
    I shivered and he laughed. "But right now I will feed and you will take care of your needs. There is a small stream a few

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