Scarlett's Letter (Touched by a God #1)

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Book: Scarlett's Letter (Touched by a God #1) by Ellie Keys Read Free Book Online
Authors: Ellie Keys
would make up for it when he returned or when his “buddies” left by hosting some crazy event at his place. 
    They were all told that he worked at Whole Foods Market, but no one ever saw him in the store. He always parked outside the building in the employee parking lot.  When anyone called, they were told that he was unavailable.  His big black F-250 sometimes sat there for a few days.  Scarlett had dated Brian for a couple months, but couldn’t handle the very obvious “disappearing” acts that he pulled.  He said he was there for her, but there were things that he had to tend to and he couldn’t be at her beck and call.   With that statement, he had effectively ended their relationship.  After some tense moments, they both agreed that they made better friends than boyfriend and girlfriend. 
    Last, but definitely not the least important of her friends is Lydia Mirabella.  She stands five feet six inches, but in her “go to” killer fuchsia Manolo Blahnik ‘Taylor’ D’Orsay heels she is six feet and some.  Her blonde hair with pink on the ends and streaks of blue-green in the back is regularly twisted into bun or held in a high clip.  After obtaining her Masters degree in Business, she continued to manage her family’s restaurant in Nevada and the one in Florida that they just recently opened.  There is an on-site manager, but she regularly makes trips to the state to see how things were running without her.  She usually dragged one or more of them with her on the occasions that she travelled there.
    Her hair is rarely ever worn with her natural color.  Her dark tresses are always colored some other color.  She tells everyone, at 27, she probably had just about every color there was for a hair color in the eight years since she began coloring it.  Her bright, cherry apple red Ferrari is her guilty pleasure as are her shoes.  She doesn’t care a thing about the mechanics of the vehicle; she just thought it was the hottest thing moving and had to have it as a graduation present to herself. 
    Lydia usually got the biggest chuckle out of the reaction guys had to her.  They usually walked by drooling and falling over themselves, literally.  She purposely tortured them with her longer than Rapunzle’s hair legs as she stepped out with her high heels and cherry red lipstick.  You could always find her in a shade of red or a deep pink. Her wardrobe was filled with one or the other shade.  The short skirts were an added appeal.  Her “cutie of a bootie” which was how most described the backside that was just barely covered in the form fitting dresses she wears.  Her fair skin appeared to have color anytime she wore those colors along with one of her favorite colors, royal blue.
    Scarlett’s circle of friends made her life worth living.  The six of them were there for each other whenever and wherever they were need.  If it was possible for them to get there then they would attempt to walk on water to do so.  She didn’t have the faintest idea how she was going to explain things to them.  It was something that she was going to have to deal with later.  Right then, she needed her “breakfast club”; the “peanut gallery” to let her know she was going to be okay. Their love and support was what was going to get her through this next phase of her life.  They wouldn’t be able to completely comprehend all that had transpired, but they would stand with her.  Decision time was coming and she wouldn’t make one without first explaining things to them.  The irony of it all wasn’t lost on her.  It was interesting, yet saddening that she would feel obligated to confide in her friends, but not feel as obligated to share her issue…issues with her family members.  Just when she was starting her own family, she was making sure to push the rest away.  Her friends were her family.  It was better this way. She was going to reveal all and hope for the best.  Her friends would be there,

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