Scarlett's Letter (Touched by a God #1)

Scarlett's Letter (Touched by a God #1) by Ellie Keys

Book: Scarlett's Letter (Touched by a God #1) by Ellie Keys Read Free Book Online
Authors: Ellie Keys
arrangement is Qui does most of the working and Chelsea takes care of the condo they share and R.J.  She says she understands if Qui goes out and has a bit of a life for a moment after almost losing her daughter.  No one else sees it that way.
    R.J. doesn’t seem to mind.  She refers to Chelsea as her “Second Mother” and tells everyone that, “Ms. Chelsea Mama has the bestus car ever. Better even then Mama Number One.” Chelsea drives a Nissan 370Z with an orange top which bleeds into a purple body and black rims.  The youngest of four with three older brothers makes her as much of a car enthusiast as they are.  Each member of her family cried and has hearts that still hurt over the death of their beloved Paul Walker.  The Fast and Furious franchise was on regular rotation in every one of their homes.  Chelsea’s Daddy was part of the team that designed the cars for the actors.   Honestly, she really didn’t have to work, but she chose to live life away from her family’s money.  Beaumont Enterprises was a conglomerate of household appliance creators.  The family name carried a lot of weight and she chose to steer clear of it.  It is the reason she used her mother’s maiden name.  Her only indulgence was the car.  There is a special lot that car was parked on.  Daddy takes care of that for her.
    Ryan Seabrook is 24 years old and wears his hair black in a faux hawk style with white tips at the top.  He stands at a lanky six feet two inches.  He tends to wear a lot of skinny jeans and casual cargos with flip flops.  The gauges he wears are big enough to put three fingers through.  His tribal tattoos on his arms have a fleck of green in them that match his eyes.  The hunter green is always found in one of his piercings, which are in his eyebrow, lip and nose.  He is bisexual and his motto is, “Like me to love me.  Love me to please me.  Please me and I will definitely please you.” His eyebrows would waggle every time that he’d say that.   With all of his typical sexually charged comments, one would question his character.  All you have to do is listen to one of his poems to realize that he is not only an eloquent and lyrical genius but a wonderfully, talented man. His ability to drop everything and come running whenever one of his friends or R.J. needs him made Scarlett love him all the more.  He is also a very sentimental man because he still held on to the station wagon that he inherited from his grandfather.  The thing had well over 150,000 miles on it.   He drives it with pride and puts all the money he can into fixing it, regularly. 
    Brian Wallace is the self-proclaimed “token black” of their group.  He always jokes that he doesn’t know why he hangs out with them, but they all know their very own “golden boy” wouldn’t have it any other way.  At six feet five inches, 250 pounds of solid man, he is and will always be a beautiful man; drool worthy even.  His beautiful deep chocolate brown skin is marred by a cut to his left cheek (Marine football tackle gone wrong) and a few moles.  He has that big, pretty Julia Roberts type of smile, but his seems to overtake his whole face.  The clean cut look (a faded cut with a low faux hawk top) he has been sporting recently is better received by the group over the braids that he formerly wore.   His expressively bright, brown eyes crinkle in the corners when he smiles.  He is also the unspoken protector
    Brian had been a proud soldier of the Marine Corps until he was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes. He was a Sergeant Major and had enjoyed the time he was enlisted.  The condition he now lived with had caused him to walk away from everything for a while. He was honorably discharged from the Marines.  Members of his unit would regularly stop by the ranch style house that he kept.  They would come through and hang out with Brian, then move on.  During those times, he wouldn’t be as available to hang out with them.  He

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