Saved by an Angel
be with. You have a precious little girl. I know that. I was there.” Then she said, “I love you,” and turned and walked away into a bright hallway.
    I started to say “I love you” back, but she was gone. I truly believe she is my angel.

by Janice

    My grandfather from my dad’s side passed away when I was 13, and I was so close to him. When I had my first baby at 21, he appeared to me, and I will never forget it!
    I had just fed my son and had laid him back in the bassinet next to my bed. All of a sudden I felt cold, and there at the foot of my bed stood a form. I really couldn’t make it out, and it scared me. I couldn’t talk, move, or scream. This figure starting moving toward the bassinet, and I couldn’t do anything. Then it spoke, and I realized it was my grandfather.
    He told me, “Don’t be afraid. I just wanted to see my great-grandson.” He leaned over the bassinet and touched my baby. Then he disappeared, and I have never felt his presence again.
    I immediately picked my baby up and called my mom. She reassured me that it was okay, because the same thing happened to her with her dad when my oldest sister was born. I do believe in angels, and I know that they surround me and my kids!

by L.D.D .

    In 1981, my mother passed away, and I was very upset. She was only 47 years old, and her death was completely unexpected. I was 21 at the time, and going through a divorce. My church had kicked me out because they said I had no grounds for divorce.
    After my mom’s funeral, I was at home, feeling very concerned about whether she was at peace and was reunited with my father, who had also passed away. No one else was home that day except for my daughter, who was in bed asleep. At that moment, I heard someone rattle the doorknob. I was going to the door when I saw my mother standing there in the clothes I had buried her in. I was shocked. She said, “I have come to let you know it is beautiful where I am. Don’t worry any longer. I will always be with you.”
    Since then, she has talked to me and come to me at other times. My daughter has also seen her. We’ve been told by others that there is no such thing as life after death, or that it’s evil to see and talk to a spirit … but we know what we have seen, felt, and heard; and we believe this to be very real and wonderful.

by Anonymous

    When my brother and sisters and I were all young children, my father went to Houston for his job, while my mother and the four of us kids lived together in our home. One night my mother woke up to the smell of a particular fragrance: her mother’s perfume.
    She opened her eyes to see the form of her mother, who was saying, “Wake up—turn on the porch light!” My mom replied, “No, I’m tired,” as she was half-asleep.
    But her mother was insistent and emphatic: “Get up now and turn on the light!” So my mother got up, turned on the lights all around the house, and then went back to bed.
    The next morning, she picked up the phone, only to discover that the line was dead. The telephone-repair technicians discovered that our phone lines had been cut, and they also found footprints under my bedroom window, so they went next door to call the police.
    The technicians said that the person who had cut the phone lines really knew what he was doing, as the lines were underground. The police said that we were very lucky, because typically when phone lines are cut, the perpetrator has a much more sinister plan than just robbery. Putting on the lights must have scared him away. “Boy, were you lucky,” the police told my mother. However, she knew there was a lot more than luck involved, and she silently thanked her mom.

by Sally M. Basso

    Luraine was a friend for 50 years, and she was stricken with cancer about three years ago. She told no one about her illness until a year ago. I sent her

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