Savage Hunger (Project Nemesis)

Savage Hunger (Project Nemesis) by Celeste Anwar

Book: Savage Hunger (Project Nemesis) by Celeste Anwar Read Free Book Online
Authors: Celeste Anwar
relief.  “Fuck if I know,” Zach grumbled.  “I’m sorry, Jasmine,” he said.  “I can’t stay here right now.  I need to walk this off.  Now.”
    Jasmine sat up, covering herself, ashamed in Lucas’ presence.  She watched Zach’s back as he left her, feeling confused and uneasy.  She looked at Lucas, but he seemed to be trying with great effort to give her privacy.
    She stood and got back into the water, finding her shirt and slipping it back on.
    “Fuck.  You’re enough to tempt a saint,” Lucas said, going into the water with her.
    “I’m sorry.  It just happened.  I didn’t know I was hands off or I wouldn’t have let him talk me into taking off my shirt.  I feel….I don’t know.  Dirty or something.  Not right.”
    Lucas moved to hold her, realizing quickly how much harder it was going to be to resist fucking her brains out when he could clearly smell the scent of her arousal, even if it wasn’t for him.  It pissed him off that Zach would make a move when they weren’t around.  Then again, he probably would have too.
    “You’re a beautiful woman, Jasmine.  It’s hard to resist someone like you,” he said, rubbing her small, wet back and feeling his own excitement grow incrementally.
    It almost felt good to have the frustration of wanting but not touching.  He enjoyed the ache of unrequited passion.  It would be that much sweeter when he did finally take her.
    “You make me smile,” she said, burying her face against his chest.  “I like you, all of you.  You don’t know how hard it is being around three virile men who obviously want you.  I hate to admit it, but I’m really horny.”
    “Jesus.  Don’t talk to me like that.  I don’t need to know how horny you are.  You can’t be half as horny as I am.  And hell, I hope I ain’t never been around three virile men who wanted me.  That ain’t my type, honey.”
    She laughed, looking up at him with lusty, smoky eyes.  “Why don’t you kiss me?”
    “Jesus, Jasmine!  You want me to fuck you here in the water?  I can’t promise I can stop at a kiss.”
    She reached up and wrapped her arms around his shoulders, nibbling his neck at the pulse beating rapidly under her tongue.  “Who said you had to?”
    He grabbed her arms to keep her from holding him, but with her mouth on his neck, he was quickly losing focus.  “We’re trying to protect you from ourselves, honey.  You’re making it hard.”
    She reached down to cup his cock.  “Looks like it already is hard.  I want it.  Women have needs too, you know.”
    “Fuuuuuckkkk,” he growled, long and low when she pulled his cock out of his pants.  “What the hell has gotten into you?”
    “Nothing, yet,” she murmured, rubbing against him.  “Women can get that blue ball symptom too.  My pussy has been cramping since Zach teased me on the bank.  It hurts, Lucas.  It hurts so bad.  I need to come.  Can you make me come?” she said, begging him with her body.
    “Fuck me,” he growled, mostly at himself for being so weak willed when a beautiful woman was rubbing herself sensuously against him.  “You don’t know what you’re asking for.  What the hell’s…wrong…with…you?”
    “I need you inside me,” she said, begging him, kissing his neck and stroking his cock.
    It was too much for him to bear.  He should have just let Zach do his thing, then it’d be him in this position and not Lucas.  No wonder Zach had lost control.
    She pushed her pants off, and when he felt that bare wet cleft rubbing against his cock, his mind went completely blank.  Lucas was no longer home.  All willpower and control fled his weak body.  He grabbed her ass, hiking her in the air until she was splayed wide against him and his cock was nudging her opening.
    Her moans did nothing but spur him on.  An animal instinct had taken over his brain, fogging out rational thought.  There was only the wild, sexy scent of her cunt beckoning for his cock to

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