Rock 01 - FRET

Rock 01 - FRET by Sandrine Gasq-DIon

Book: Rock 01 - FRET by Sandrine Gasq-DIon Read Free Book Online
Authors: Sandrine Gasq-DIon
assured him I was fine. He and the guys were goofing around together and I couldn’t begrudge him that. Another full moon was gracing the sky and I closed my eyes, letting the music from my headphones soothe me. Paul was still in Hawaii and surprised as fuck when I called him. He explained that he thought Ransom and I would freak out if we knew about the letters, so I was right in that aspect. After assuring Paul that I was okay and to have a good time, I hung up.
    It was nearing midnight and I was still wide awake. Damn, I hated it when I couldn’t fucking fall asleep. I went to the bathroom and rummaged through the drawer. I found the bottle of pills Paul had given me in the back. I hate taking any kind of pills, but right now I just wanted some damn shuteye. I swallowed two of them and brushed my teeth.
    My room was dark but I could see Axel’s form on the couch. His breathing suggested he was sleeping. I stood and watched him for a few minutes. If there was ever a guy for me, it was the one on my couch. One hand was behind his head, the other was on his stomach. I tilted my head, staring at the tattoo on his hip. Axel was just — well, he was Axel. I shook my head and crawled into bed with a sigh. Hopefully I would get some rest.
    I came awake when Axel’s loud roar finally penetrated my senses. I was dangling over the side of the deck and Axel had a grip on my wrist.
    “Gareth! Wake up!” Axel shouted.
    “Holy shit!” I yelled.
    “Grab my wrist, dammit!”
    I swung my other arm up and grabbed his wrist. Axel pulled me up and over the rail and I fell on top of him on the deck.
    “Jesus fucking Christ, Gareth! What the hell?” Axel got to his feet and pulled me up. Seconds later, he had me in a bone-crunching embrace.
    “You scared the shit out of me!”
    “I don’t…I don’t know what happened,” I stammered.
    “I could have lost you!”
    “I —”
    I didn’t get anything else out because Axel’s lips crashed into mine.

Chapter 7: Axel
    Oh God. Gareth’s lips were so warm against mine and I held him as closely as I could. I inhaled sharply through my nose as Gareth’s mouth opened to mine on a whimper. I swept inside to taste him and groaned. I couldn’t stop touching him, kissing him. His skin was like silk under my fingers and I wanted him under me. Our lips moved against each other in harmony, hands aching to touch as much skin as possible. Gareth wrapped his arms around my neck and I picked him up, taking him back into the house.
    His teeth nipped at my bottom lip and I sucked in his tongue. Gareth’s erection was against my stomach and I knew I was hard as a rock. I was kissing Gareth, I was all over him and I couldn’t stop. Our tongues tangled and Gareth moaned in my mouth as my hands gripped his ass. I carried him into the bedroom and went down on top of him on the bed. His legs wrapped around my hips as our tongues continued to do battle. Gareth’s hands held my face as he whimpered and moaned; his hips arched into mine.
    I couldn’t get enough of him. I’d never wanted someone so badly in my entire existence. His skin, his lips, his eyes — everything about Gareth called to me and I wanted to answer him. I pulled his sweats down and gripped his rock hard dick. A long, drawn out moan left Gareth’s mouth and landed in mine. I pulled my dick out and wrapped my hand around both of us.
    “Oh fuck…yes…” Gareth was all but sobbing.
    My whole body shook as I jacked us off together. Gareth’s dick leaked precome like a geyser and I wasn’t much better. I was so fucking turned on I could barely breathe. And the kisses — oh fuck me, the kisses! I am so glad I never kissed anyone before Gareth, because it would have paled in comparison. We fit. Everything about us fit. Gareth is the one man who could change me forever — and that thought scares the fuck out of me.
    “Axel…oh yes… please !”
    I palmed Gareth’s nut and dragged my hand along our dicks in one

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