Tied To You

Tied To You by Kit Tunstall, Kit Kyndall

Book: Tied To You by Kit Tunstall, Kit Kyndall Read Free Book Online
Authors: Kit Tunstall, Kit Kyndall
something more than just a reluctance to tell his sister the whole tale. Maybe he understood it meant I didn’t care what had happened in the past, because a second later he reached for my hand and held it in his, squeezing gently.
    Annika looked relieved. “I’m glad to hear that. I want you to know, Gabriella, that I don’t hold your stepfather’s actions against you. That would be like someone disliking me because Mother can be…quite intense.”
    I managed to smile, but I certainly understood what she meant. She was much kinder than I would have been when verbalizing the fear that people wouldn’t like her because her mother was a bitch. Thankfully, she didn’t seem to be anything like Nila.
    Breakfast passed quickly amid the casual chatter, and soon enough, Annika excused herself to complete homework. Apparently, she was taking an online program to complete her Master’s degree. I hated the thought that she was staying cooped up in the apartment all the time, but I couldn’t say I wouldn’t have done the same if I’d been through the kind of trauma she had experienced. If I hadn’t been so adept at avoiding my stepfather’s creepy friends, I might have ended up sharing a similar fate anyway.
    The apartment was quiet when she had left, and when Mykael suggested we watch a movie, I nodded. I’d have to return home soon, because I had laundry to do for tomorrow, and I couldn’t stay in his apartment forever, but it was Sunday and I intended to relax a little bit with him.
    He put on a ridiculous romantic comedy, and I curled up against him. It felt right being with him like this, and I snuggled closer. The movie was somewhat boring, but I didn’t move. I was too engrossed by the beat of his heart against my ear and the firm pressure of his arms around me, while one of his hands cupped my tummy and rubbed in a small circle on a continuous basis. By the time the dreadful film ended, we were mostly lying on the couch, which was an overstuffed thing that had plenty of room for us to cuddle side-by-side.
    He reached for the remote and pulled up the menu, asking, “What would you like to watch now?”
    “Not another rom-com,” I said in a mock-complaining voice before turning serious. “I actually need to get home. I have things to do before work tomorrow.
    His arms tightened around me. “Don’t leave. I like having you here, Gabriella. It feels right. What do you think about moving in with me?”
    My head whirled at the possibility. I hadn’t expected something like that so soon, but he was correct. This felt right. Being here on the couch with him, just hanging out on a lazy Sunday as we cuddled together, felt perfect. I’d never been so content doing something so simple before. It was probably way too soon, and I think I surprised us both when I said, “Okay.”
    He stiffened for a moment, and I looked up at him through the veil of my lashes, wondering if he was going to withdraw the offer or be reluctant about it. I didn’t think he would have made it just for show, but if he seemed to have changed his mind, I would certainly back off.
    Instead, a huge grin spread across his face, and he lifted me higher, plastering me atop him so he could kiss me with passion and enthusiasm. His hands cupped my cheeks, holding me against him, and I grabbed handfuls of his T-shirt to anchor myself.
    “I didn’t think you’d say yes,” he whispered.
    “Did you want me to say no?”
    Mykael shook his head. “No, I certainly didn’t. I’m thrilled you’ve agreed to move in with me. I just expected it to take longer, and I thought you’d probably resist the idea at first.”
    “I probably should if I had any common sense. It’s certainly too soon, but I can’t argue with you that this feels right. It feels like the decision I should make, if you know what I mean?”
    He nodded, not a hint of uncertainty in his dark eyes. “I know exactly what you mean. That’s why I made the offer to start with, even

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