Restraint (The Revelation Series Book 2)

Restraint (The Revelation Series Book 2) by Randi Cooley Wilson

Book: Restraint (The Revelation Series Book 2) by Randi Cooley Wilson Read Free Book Online
Authors: Randi Cooley Wilson
making the wrong decisions. No one understands the weight of this. It’s not just my life in the balance here. If I choose to trust the wrong people or take the incorrect path, everything could disappear. I can’t afford distractions. I did that once and someone I cared very much for died. Maybe…just maybe I’m not the right person to be a redeemer,” I tell her, hoping she’ll understand. Fiona turns her focus to the fire, considering my words.
    We sit in comfortable silence for a long time before she speaks, breaking my reverie. “A person dat truly luvs ye, lass, will neveh stop believin’ in ye, and will never let ye go, no matter how hard da situation.”
    My gaze slides to hers. “ That’s where you’re wrong. Asher doesn’t love me. He’s bonded to me as my protector and anything he thought he might have felt for me is simply because of the link. Nothing more. He was hired to guard me while I ascend and fulfill my destiny. I’m a job to him.” I’m sulking like a child.
    She lets out a jolly laugh. “ Lass, if I thought fer one second dat ye actually believe dat ta be true, I wouldn’t be sittin’ here wit ye. Ye’re young, and young people say and do foolish things in da name of luv. Dat ‘tis da beauty of young luv. Doesn’t make it any less true or real. Asher, aye he’s complicated, no question. But make no mistake, ‘tis dat lad’s heart pullin’ him ta ye, not da silly bond.”
    I look down . “I wish I could believe that. Regardless of what we think we might be feeling, we both have a job to do and it’s apparent love isn’t part of our destiny.”
    Fiona stands and cups my cheeks affectionately before planting a light kiss on my head. “I wish ye both could see dat ye’re each other’s destiny.” With that, she leaves me to stare into the fire as it lulls me.
    I’m standing on the jagged wall of rocks. My white dress flows around my body like cascading water. My bare feet are sore from the sharp edges of the rock formation. I look around in bewilderment. I’ve had this dream in the past. I know I have. The unmoving trees project their anger at the approach of a stranger, just like before.
    The forest’s eyes watch me. The dark spirits scrutinize, waiting in anticipation of my arrival. I sense their excitement. Once again, I hear their Welsh murmurs. “Cartref merch Croeso duw,” they speak softly. Welcoming me home. This time, I know better. I’m not home.
    The gloomy and lifeless castle appears to me. I stare at it in apprehension. My heart pounds with each movement forward. I know what he wants. He wants me. Without me, all is lost for him and his dark army. I scan the forest, aware this time of who he is and the danger I’m in.
    I take a step toward the fortress then another and another. Each footstep takes me further and further away from Asher. My eyes close in silent prayer that I’m not too late.
    I try to focus on whom I need to save. Beginning my descent down the uneven path, I faintly hear Asher’s voice drifting to me, floating like a feather on the air that caresses my soul.
    “ Come back to me, siren,” he whispers on the wind.
    “I can’t ,” I answer in a quiet voice, placing my hand over my heart to ease the ache of not being with him.
    This is my fate and he can’t be part of it. After what happened, I have to protect him and the London clan at all costs.
    Focused, I keep moving toward the castle. The voice on the wind reaches me again. “I will protect you, always,” he promises.
    I believe him. I know he’ll come for me.
    I take in a deep breath and reach out my hand as Gage takes it.
    “It’s time , love. You’ve chosen.”
    I jolt awake on the couch, swallowing down my scream and almost falling on the floor in my frantic state. Abby catches me just in the nick of time. My eyes lock onto her but I don’t really see her, all I see is blurry water. She carefully takes my shaking hands in hers.
    “ I’ve got you, sweetie. It’s

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