Restraint (The Revelation Series Book 2)

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Book: Restraint (The Revelation Series Book 2) by Randi Cooley Wilson Read Free Book Online
Authors: Randi Cooley Wilson
at you, my title was something the clan felt wasn’t important. My status within my community has nothing to do with my protection of you, Eve.”
    I arch a brow. “And Camilla?”
    “I know that Gage blames us for her death. Neither I, nor my brothers had knowledge of his father’s plan. If we had, we would have stepped in. I understand he’s hurting and doesn’t believe that, but I assure you, it’s the truth.”
    I just study him. His face is sincere and in my heart, I know he’s telling me the truth.
    “Are you okay? I heard you crying.”
    “Fine. Just tired.”
    Disbelief crosses his face. “And the dream?”
    “ I don’t remember it.”
    Asher lets out a frustrated exhale. “I felt it, you were terrified. Your soul was calling to me. You were screaming for me, siren.”
    I swallow hard and feign ignorance. “I didn’t mean to scare you.”
    He stands and groans. “ All right, have it your way, Eve.”
    “There is no ‘my way,’ Asher. I’m okay,” I say heatedly.
    He just remains in his spot, taking me in before slowly nodding and pushing out a long, drawn breath. “Right now, I’m fighting every thread of my being not to walk over there and yank you into my arms because, siren, I know you’re fucking lying to me.”
    I cross my arms , resisting the urge to fold myself into his. I nod once my comprehension.
    “Be sure you’re up and dressed early in the morning. We’re realm jumping,” he says.
    My eyes widen with surprise. “Where?”
    “ The Eternal Forest. We have an engagement with Priestess Arabella.”
    “ I’ll be ready,” I confirm.
    He pauses before looking at me then the bed. “ Do…do you want me to stay?”
    Want him to? Yes. Need him to? No. “No,” I answer in an unsure voice.
    “I’m just across the hall if you change your mind,” he offers.
    My eyes lock onto his , conveying how much I want to change my mind, to run to him and never let go. However, my mouth has different ideas. “I’ll be okay. Thank you.”
    Asher’s quiet, contemplating. For a moment, I think he might say something but he just curtly nods before leaving my room. Crap. I have it bad for him, like stalker bad.
    I make my way to the bed and cr awl in. My pillow still smells like him. I snuggle into it, embracing his scent and the calm it gives me.

    9 The Chamber
    My hand clutches the silk drape as my vision skims over the Cotsworth gardens. They’re completely covered in a new blanket of snow. I lift my eyes to the blue sky, inhaling. The sun is shining this morning and reflecting off the little white, frozen crystals, which gives the illusion of small diamonds embedded in the earth. Everything is so pure and clean, unlike life. The entire world is silent in this moment.
    I focus on the lake, shivering at the recollection of Saraphina. My mind wanders to Gage and I catch myself speculating on what he’s doing at the moment, as my other hand reaches for the place on my wrist his lips burned. Focus, Eve. No more Gage thoughts.
    A quiet knock on my door pulls me from my reverie as I release the curtain, allowing it to partially fall back over the window, blocking the lake.
    “Come in .”
    Abby slips into the room, closing the door behind her. She fidgets awkwardly with her hands as she stands across the room from me, assessing me. “Hi. Asher asked me to come in and make sure you’re ready for today. See if you need anything.”
    I offer her a bright smile. “Abby, I promise, I’m okay. Yesterday’s events are not your fault. Neither was my nightmare. Please, stop acting like I’m breakable or angry. I’m not either of those things.”
    “I know. ” The angelic gargoyle sighs and walks over to the bed. She sits while folding a piece of her red hair behind her ear. “It’s just, I’m in charge of the charms and I didn’t even consider that Saraphina might be trouncing around the lake. I’m truly sorry, Eve. I dropped the ball on your protection. I swear to you, it

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