Renegade Reject

Renegade Reject by Emily Minton, Dawn Martens

Book: Renegade Reject by Emily Minton, Dawn Martens Read Free Book Online
Authors: Emily Minton, Dawn Martens
Just knowing that it could be months before I see them again has left my already broken heart just a little more tattered. 
    I’m barely out of the driveway when I hear the sound of a bike coming up behind me.  I know who it is, and for a second, I’m worried that he’ll try to stop me.  Instead, he pulls in the driveway.  I continue down the road and mumble, “Goodbye, Preach.”
    I pull into Daisy’s driveway and see damn near her whole family standing in the front yard, but she’s nowhere to be seen.  Cutting off my bike, I swing my leg over it.  “I need to talk to Daisy.”
    I haven’t seen Wayne or Holt at the clubhouse for the last few days, not since everything went to shit.  I’m not sure how much they know, but I bet they know enough to want to tear me a new asshole.  I deserve whatever they’re gonna throw my way, but not right now.  They can beat my ass after I talk to Daisy. 
    She’s been avoiding me for days.  I’ve been everywhere looking for her.  That shit is over.  She may want to call it quits, but I’m not gonna let her.  Daisy’s mine, and she is going to listen to me. 
    Wayne steps forward first with a look of pure hatred on his face.  “I told you not to hurt my girl, but you did it anyway.”
    “I know I fucked up, but I’m gonna do what I have to, to make it right.”
    Holt comes up beside him, just as angry as Wayne.  “There’s some shit you just can’t make right.”
    “I just need to talk to her, to explain.”
    Holt shakes his head. “You can’t explain this shit away.  You think there would be an explanation good enough, if she had someone else’s head buried between her legs?”
    Oh, fuck!  Just the thought of that has me seeing red.  Could I forgive her if the roles were reversed?  “I would listen to her.  I love her enough to give her a chance to explain.”
    Even as I say the words, I know they’re a lie.  Yeah, I would listen, but I would also kill the motherfucker who had dared to touch her.  I might be able to get to the point of where I forgave her, but I would never forget that it happened.  It would linger in my mind until the day I died. 
    “If you had loved her like you should have, you would’ve never done that shit,” Wayne says, fisting his hands. 
    I’m tired of this shit.  They have the right to be pissed, but we can handle that later.  “I do fuckin’ love her. Just let me the hell in that damn house to talk to her.”
    “You’re too late,” Mary says from the porch. 
    I look up just in time to see Lula walking outside the door.  She walks to her mother’s side with a satisfied smile crosses her face.  “Sorry, she’s not here.”
    “Bullshit! Let me the fuck in!” I yell at her, frustration snapping my control.
    “She just left.  You pulled in right after she pulled out,” she says.
    “Where the hell did she go?”
    Her smile spreads as she answers, “She’s taking care of her daddy.”
    “Fine, I’ll go to the hospital.”
    Before I can even turn around, Lula starts to laugh.  “You got a long ride.”
    Her words stop me in my tracks.  A conversation I had with Kidd comes to my mind, where he mentioned Maker is heading to some specialty rehabilitation center in Atlanta.  Shit!  No way she would have left without telling me, would she?
    I rush past Mary and Lula and run straight to Daisy’s room.  As soon as I open the door, my world crashes around me.  It’s empty, nothing but out-dated furniture left behind.  She’s gone; really gone.  I can’t believe she just left me, not even giving me a chance to talk to her.  Anger starts to course its way through my body, leaving me shaking with rage. 
    “How could she just fuckin’ leave me?” I shout as I send my fist flying at the sheetrock. 
    “After Leah told me about the two of you, I had to tell Daisy. She’s my daughter, and it’s my responsibility to make sure she stays away from men like you.”
    I jerk my head around

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