Red to Fade
office there is a huge billboard that says,
We can book you a room in any Bedstay hotel in any of the glacitone domes. We can also arrange for transportation from here to your Bedstay hotel.
Connor walks over to the Bedstay office. There is a hotel retailer there.
    Connor speaks to the hotel retailer and asks if he could book a room at a Bedstay hotel in Red 1, and also have transportation from here to the hotel. The hotel retailer makes Connor’s arrangements. It costs $150 US for Connor’s package. Connor pays and the hotel retailer gives him booking receipts and tells him that there is coach transportation going to a Bedstay hotel in Red 1 that leaves in fifteen minutes.
    Connor asks for directions to find the coach. The hotel retailer gives him directions. Connor leaves the hotel retailer office and goes through the entrance doors and leaves the PTS-R2 station. There is a huge parking garage and an outdoor car park with cars outside the station; also there are a lot of transportation coaches.
    There are some civilians walking around going to their coaches and cars, and some civilians are going into the PTS-R2 station.
    Connor sees a Bedstay coach with
Red 1
shown on the title display above the driver’s seat. Connor knows that this is the coach he should be getting on. He walks towards the Bedstay coach, gets inside, shows the driver his receipts and sits down on a seat beside a window. The coach is half-full with earthlings and morphians. After ten minutes the Red 1 Bedstay coach takes off.
    The Bedstay coach driver drives to the vehicle glacitone tunnel. The vehicle glacitone tunnel that’s connected to Red 2 is about ten miles long. The time is now 7pm. It’s getting dark on Mars. The coach is driving along inside the glacitone tunnel. Connor looks out of the window and sees a closer view of the activity inside the Red 2 glacitone dome, like cars driving around freeways and spacecraft moving around.
    The coach is now driving around inside Red 2. Connor, still looking out of the window, is totally amazed by the spectacular, futuristic, sci-fi-style skyscrapers of Red 2. He has never seen skyscrapers like this before; their architecture is incredible. He sees human beings and morphians walking along the streets, citizens and immigrants eating and drinking in restaurants and retailers working in shops.
    Connor thinks to himself,
These morphians are just like us
. He sees morphians and earthlings driving in morphian- and human-manufactured vehicles on the streets. Connor sees the glacitone window panels above the Red 2 city, and the tan sky above them. He is completely amazed; he’s never seen a city with a roof over its head before, or a city that has a tan sky. After twenty minutes of driving, the coach is now inside the glacitone tunnel that leads to the Big Rock. The Glass Tomb is quite hot today because of the heat coming from the dome radiators. The temperature of Red 1 is 37˚C today.
    After another ten minutes of driving, the coach is in the First Dome.
    Connor is looking out of the window throughout the whole journey. Again he is blown away by the magnificent skyscrapers of this city. This dome is bigger and busier than Red 2. It has more shops, more businesses, more restaurants, more hotels, more buildings, more entertainment, more vehicles and more drivers than Red 2. The population of the Glass Tomb is eight million.
    After twenty-five minutes of driving in the First Dome the coach finally arrives at the Bedstay hotel. All passengers exit the coach and get their luggage. Connor doesn’t have any luggage so he goes straight to the reception desk. There is a morphian woman in a Bedstay uniform at the reception desk.
    The woman says, “How can I help you, sir?”
    When the morphians speak English their accents sound like a German or a Dutch accent.
    Connor says, “I would like to check in and get a key to my room, please.”
    Connor shows the receptionist his receipts.

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