Power of the Fae

Power of the Fae by Ariel Marie

Book: Power of the Fae by Ariel Marie Read Free Book Online
Authors: Ariel Marie
around under her scrutiny to show that he is the Alpha, the strongest wolf. He wants to please her. I have to catch myself from standing taller. Her lust-filled gaze gives her approval.
    “About you and me,” she says stepping closer to me. I keep myself from stepping back. “I can’t help this feeling of being drawn to you. I can’t stop thinking about you. You’re always on my mind.” She stops right in front me, staring up at me.
    “You shouldn’t be here.” The huskiness of my voice shocks me. My hands itch to touch her. My wolf is telling me to grab her and claim her. My gums are aching where my canines are trying to descend.
    “Why?” She tilts her head as if she doesn’t understand. How do you tell a person that you want them so bad but you cannot have them? That she could do so much better than me. Being the Alpha of the Diamond Pack and personally overseeing the Legion is my life and there is no telling what will happen to me. I can’t do that to someone! I can’t create a life with someone and then get killed on a mission. What if we were to have kids? Then she would be left with that burden of raising children on her own.
    “I don’t have room in my life for romance. I can’t promise you anything, Lina.” My body automatically steps closer to her.
    “I’m not asking for a lifetime.” Her emerald eyes glance down at my lips before returning to look into mine.
    “What are you asking for?” I need to know exactly what she wants. I don’t want to play games. Lay everything on the table for me to see so that I know exactly what’s going on. My wolf is almost howling, trying to get to her. He wants to be close to her.
    “I need you.” She steps closer and raises herself on her toes so that she is able to put her head in the crook of my neck. My hands grip her waist, while she reaches her arms around my neck, linking her fingers together. She inhales and gently nips at me with her teeth and her tongue gently licks my neck. A growl escapes my chest. My wolf loves the love bite, he is almost purring. She looks up at me with those big green eyes of hers.
    “And I think you want me too,” she says licking her lips.

Chapter Eleven
    “ Y ou don’t know what you’re asking,” he says pulling me closer to him. His large erection pushes against my stomach. I just about passed out when I turned around and saw him standing there, fresh from his shower with only pajama pants on. Thank the Goddess, I was holding onto the handrails. His chest and abdomen are sculpted perfection. His six-pack is well defined. There is not an ounce of fat on him anywhere.
    Once the wolves had left my grandparent’s home, I went to bed. Thoughts of Colin consumed my mind leaving me hot and restless. He has left an ache in parts that only he can soothe. The need to see him drove me to appear on his patio. My fantasy Colin does not even come close to the real Colin! I figured I would show up and lay all my cards on the table. What’s the worst he could say, no? Within minutes, I had my clothes on and flashed to the woods outside the main house of his pack. I knew where he lived because my grandmother was one of the witches who warded the house.
    “Do you want me?” I need to know. He grabs me by the hair near the nape of my neck forcing me to look up at him. My heart speeds up waiting to hear his answer.
    “You already know the answer to that,” he replies as he grinds his erection into my stomach. I push back against him.
    “Then take me!” I demand. Finally! He crushes his mouth to mine in a kiss that leaves no doubt that he plans to possess me this night. It is hot and wet. I want him with a fierce need that scares me. He kissed me like a man on a mission and I am his target. When he breaks the kiss, we both stare at each other breathing heavy.
    I reach down and run my hand down the length of his erection and I’m not sure who growled this time, him or me. I reach in his pants and pull out his thick, long

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