Power of the Fae

Power of the Fae by Ariel Marie Page B

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Authors: Ariel Marie
my tight wet channel. This is a total possession; no one has made me feel this way, ever! At this moment, I can’t even tell you my name. I brace my hands against the wall to help keep my balance. Thank Goddess, I’m part Fae and any bruising I get will be healed by morning.
    “Goddess.... Colin...Goddess....Colin...” My breathing is coming in short pants. I can’t catch my breath and could care less if I ever breathed again.
    He moves my left leg over and thrusts harder and faster, while stroking my clit and hits that special spot that makes me cry out his name as I reach another orgasm causing me to scream again. This time, he shouts my name, releasing his control as he pumps his seed into my quivering womb. My knees become weak and he catches me as they give out.
    I wake up to light streaming into the bedroom from the double French doors. I smile and stretch and feel the soreness of muscles that is proof of my all night activities. Once Colin brought me in his bedroom, there was no sleeping in his massive king size bed. He was relentless in his loving. He had to have me every way known to man. The things that man could do with his tongue and fingers have me smiling as I turn over. I reach out and touch his pillow, it’s cold but I can still smell his earthy male scent. I sit up on my elbows and notice he’s sitting on the edge of the bed with his elbows on his knees staring out the French doors.
    I crawl over to him, wrapping my arms around him, pressing my naked breasts to his naked back. His body tenses, my smile vanishes.
    “What’s wrong?” I ask, letting him go.
    “Last night shouldn’t have happened.” He quickly glances at me. “I can’t offer you anything.”
    “I didn’t ask for forever, Colin.”
    “You deserve more than I can give you.” His face looks torn as he glances at me.
    “I think I should be allowed to decide what I want.”
    “You’re a Princess,” he says, as if that will make any difference and explain everything.
    “You’re an Alpha. So what?” I counter back. “Colin, last night was amazing. Can we not ruin it? Let’s just take what this is between us a day at a time. Let’s just get to know each other.” I reach over and run my fingers through his short black hair. He shudders and looks at me with his beautiful mismatched eyes.
    I get even closer and lean in and kiss him. This time I control the kiss. I put all the passion that I feel for him in this kiss. I want to show him that he can have someone to care for him. I crawl into his lap. He holds my face in his hands as he takes over the kiss. He doesn’t let me be in charge for long. He plunges his tongue in my mouth, totally dominating me. He nips at my lips as I feel his hard erection rub against my soaked opening.
    He takes my left breast in hand and sucks as much of my breast into his mouth that he can fit. I lean back on his legs, giving him as much access to my breast as possible. I shift my hips just enough to where his hard cock slides into me and we both groan at the same time. It was like his cock knew exactly where to go. It made its way home. He grabs onto my hips and starts guiding me up and down on his cock in a slow rhythm.
    Our eyes lock as I hold on to his shoulders as he guides me. I pause not wanting this to end. His eyes never leave mine as I slam myself down hard on his cock causing him to curse and holler my name. With him sheathed all the way in me I feel full, I feel complete. He is definitely tugging on my heartstrings. In such a short time, I can feel myself starting to care for this man.
    He moves me faster on his cock, I throw my head back as I feel my pussy clench sending me over the hill into a beautiful orgasm. He thrusts a few more times before he climaxes hard, shouting my name as he spills his seed deep in my womb.
    We’re both breathing hard, staring into each other’s eyes. His cock has gone semi soft but it’s still buried deep inside me and I love the feeling of being

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