Possession of Souls
teeth.  I smiled when he bent forward involuntarily, inhaling my skin.
    And then he was gone, quickly moving across the cave to the space where we knew the door existed, even though we couldn’t see it.
    He pounded hard against the wall.  “If you can hear me, I need you to send some blood,” he shouted, and my heart fell in disappointment.
    He turned, taking several steps toward me before he stopped and pointed a finger.  “I know what you’re doing, Portia, and I don’t like it one bit!” His eyes flashed angrily.
    “What am I doing?” I asked, trying to keep up my charade.
    “Oh, please, spare me the whole innocent routine.  I know you—intimately. I can smell your trap a mile away.”
    “Then feel free to enlighten me.” I folded my arms tightly across my chest.
    “See!”  He gestured to my arms.  “You’re doing it right now!” he added sounding flustered.
    “Doing what?” I asked, throwing my hands up in frustration, as I honestly began to wonder if he was really losing it.
    “Making yourself look so … edible,” he answered, finally seizing onto a word.
    I started laughing.  “And what does one do exactly, Vance, to make themselves look edible?” I took a deliberate step toward him.
    “What you’re doing right now.”  His heated expression traveled over me.
    “And what am I doing right now?” I asked, taking another step closer, walking very slowly as I crossed the space.
    “You’re … moving … and talking,” he replied, not making any sense at all, and I could tell he was completely flustered.
    “So, you’re saying I shouldn’t move or talk?” I continued in his direction.
    “Yes.”   He swallowed thickly before he realized how absurd he sounded.  “I mean no,” he muttered before adding, “I don’t know.  You just need to stop.”
    I was standing next to him now, and I leaned in close to his body, feeling him sway toward me as if he were magnetized, drawn especially to me.
    “Portia,” he whispered, and I could feel his control faltering.
    “Yes, Vance?” I murmured, knowing I was so close to being triumphant.
    He hovered above me, his head tilted as his gaze brushed back and forth between my lips and neck.  His hand lifted, reaching out with what looked like a slight tremor.  The pad of his thumb caressed lightly over my cheek before he traced his fingers down my neck, over my collarbone and onto the exposed skin inside my shirt.
    My breath caught in my throat at his intimate touch, and his eyes locked with mine as we leaned closer together.
    “Here’s the girl you requested,” a deep unknown voice interrupted, breaking my carefully woven spell.
    Vance whirled away, practically running over to rip the girl from the demon who held her, falling hungrily to her.
    I closed my eyes as I listened to her erotic sounding whimpers and moans filling the air while he fed from her, knowing I had lost him again.

Chapter 10
    I didn’t speak to him when he was finished. He barely acknowledged my existence, which turned out to be just fine because I was fuming so badly I wasn’t sure if I could have said anything without losing it entirely.
    Making a point to not be around him, I walked across the cavern to the altar, climbing the steps and jumping up to sit on the top.  I curled my legs, placing my knees under my chin and wrapped my arms around them.
    I made a careful study of all the many dripping candles that were cloistered around the far side of the stone.  It was rather interesting, since I knew these candles had been burning since my first awareness of this place, yet though they melted away in what seemed like little rivers they never seemed to get any smaller.  I was fairly certain no one had changed them during my stay.
    I dipped one of my fingers into the soft, wet surface of one of the freshly melted candles.  It felt just like wax should, nothing out of the ordinary, and I found myself being suddenly irritated over all the

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