Playing Rough: 3 Hot Tales of Sensual Submission
cries, and every spanking he
gave her only caused her core to throb and ache for more.
    She managed to stop making sounds. He stopped
spanking her and her whole body relaxed with relief. Her ass stung
like crazy and she was lightheaded from having an orgasm in this
    “You make me so hot, Tanya,” he said. She
heard the light sound of a package tearing and knew it was a
condom. He moved behind her and knelt, then pressed his hard cock
against her ass. “I’m already hard for you again and I’m going to
let you feel just how big I am.”
    Excitement spun through her like a whirlwind.
She already knew how big he was from having his cock in her
    He forced her thighs farther apart and placed
his cock at her entrance. He palmed both of her stinging ass cheeks
at the same time he thrust inside of her pussy.
    Tanya would have screamed if it wasn’t for
the gag in her mouth. Her core was so sensitive that she didn’t
know how much she could take before she came again.
    Austin grabbed a handful of her hair and
jerked her head back at the same time he started fucking her. He
was just as rough as he had promised, pounding in and out of her,
and spanking her hard at the same time.
    “Your hair is gorgeous,” he was saying. “And
I your ass spectacular.”
    The ball gag muffled her cries and being
blindfolded made everything seem so much more acute, every
sensation more intense.
    He reached around her again and this time
pinched her clit hard as he jerked her hair and it pulled her head
back even more.
    She came as violently as he was taking her.
She had told him she liked it rough but now she knew she liked it
rough. It was wild, exciting.
    He gave a low growl as he came. He pumped his
hips against her ass as his cock throbbed inside of her sensitive
    Austin leaned over her back, releasing his
hold on her hair, then carefully removing the gag from her mouth
and tape from her eyes. He rolled them onto their sides so that
they were lying on the floor, and he hugged her from behind for a
long moment.
    She tried to catch her breath, her body
feeling like one big jumble of nerves. When he shifted she rolled
onto her back and looked up to see him with his head propped in his
hand, his elbow on the floor and he was smiling as he stared down
at her. She returned his smile.
    He stroked her cheek with the back of his
hand. “Hi, gorgeous.”
    She smiled against his lips. “Was that my
quarterly bonus?”
    He grinned as he trailed his fingers down her
bare belly. “You did exceedingly well, Ms. James. Based on your
performance I would say that you’re in for plenty more bonuses this
    She laughed. “I’m pleased to hear that, Mr.
    He stroked her hair from her face. “You don’t
know how many times I’ve fantasized about you being under my desk,
sucking my cock, or bending you over my desk with the door locked,
fucking you hard, knowing that no one in the office would have any
idea what we are doing.”
    “That is so hot.” She stroked his powerful
biceps with her fingertips. “I’ve had plenty of fantasies about
    “Such as?” he asked.
    “None of them compare to what we just did.”
Her body warmed at the thought and the sting of her ass would serve
as a reminder for a while. “They’re tame in comparison.”
    “And the pictures?” He gave an amused
    She reached between them and stroked his
cock. “I’ll take all you can give me and more.”

Chapter 5
    “You’re walking a little funny.” Jessica
cocked her head and looked at Tanya as she pushed open the glass
doors that let them into the office. “Did you get hurt?”
    You could say that. Tanya managed to avoid
giving a broad smile at the memories of Friday night. Then
Saturday. And Sunday. All at Austin’s apartment near the beach,
learning just how rough and kinky he liked it.
    Very rough. Very kinky.
    And she was very sore. She wasn’t sure she
was going to be able to sit in her

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