Playing Rough: 3 Hot Tales of Sensual Submission
Austin, but that might have
people coming to conclusions she didn’t want. So she still wore one
of her tailored suits and had her hair pulled back and up.
    When she reached his office she knocked on
the doorframe as usual. He glanced up from whatever he had been
working on and gave her a smile so sexy and hot that it made her
knees quiver and caused an ache between her thighs.
    Despite the fact she had just spent an
incredible weekend with him, learning about bondage and other kink,
and had more sex than she’d had in the past two years combined, she
wanted him more than ever.
    “Close the door.” He got up from his desk as
she shut it behind her, and he crossed the room to reach her.
    He kissed her hard and long. When he drew
away her breathing was a little more rapid and her lips felt
    With a smile he rubbed his thumb along her
bottom lip. “I shouldn’t do that in the office.”
    “I love it,” she said with a smile. “But
you’re right, we shouldn’t take chances.”
    “I need to see Joe for a few minutes.” Austin
stepped away and rubbed her shoulders. “It was a good excuse to get
you in here, but I really do need that letter taken care of for
Miller Corporation.”
    “You’ve got it, boss.” Just like Austin had
said when he told her his fantasies, she liked the idea, too, that
no one knew this side of either of them and that they had a private
relationship. Even that was exciting, a turn on.
    This time he gave her a lighter kiss then
left her alone in his office. She started toward his desk to find
the document she needed when she remembered one of the fantasies
that he had shared with her.
    A slow smile crept over her face. It was a
fantasy she could easily make come true.
    Austin shoved his hand through his hair as he
neared his office. He couldn’t get enough of Tanya. No matter how
many times, how many ways, he didn’t think it would ever be
    When he didn’t see her at her desk he hoped
she would be in his office but she wasn’t there, either.
    He eased into his chair behind his desk. It
would be hell to wait until after work to have her again. He
glanced at his top drawer and smiled. He had brought something
special to take with him to Tanya’s house. He wanted to show her
first, draw out her excitement.
    The moment he rolled his chair up to his
desk, a hand settled on his crotch.
    His cock immediately hardened
    “Just enjoy,” she murmured, her voice quiet
from beneath his desk as she unbuckled his belt. “Pretend you’re
    The zipper made a soft hiss as she drew it
down, pulled down his boxers, then released his cock. He had
fantasized about her beneath his desk but the real thing was even
hotter than he had imagined.
    He sucked in his breath as she slid her mouth
over his cock.
    His eyes nearly crossed as she sucked him,
her mouth sliding up and down his length. He reached under his desk
and pulled on the clip that held her hair up. He felt the weight of
her hair as it spilled over his leg. Her hair was beautiful and he
imagined how it looked around her face when she was on her back and
he was taking her any number of ways.
    “Are you all right?” Janice Henry’s voice
came from the doorway. He had been told she was the resident
busybody and snoop. He didn’t have personal experience with her and
he really didn’t want to give her something to share with everyone
in the company.
    He straightened in his seat and put his hands
on his chair arms. He hoped Tanya would stop going down on him, but
she didn’t. It felt so damned good that he didn’t think he could
keep his focus on anything else and the feelings were heightened by
another woman being in the room.
    “I’m fine.” He gave her a tense smile. “What
can I do for you?”
    Maybe she would just say what she needed to
and leave. Instead, Janice walked up to his desk and settled into
one of the two chairs. He wanted to groan.
    “It’s none of my business,” Janice

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