Paris Summer

Paris Summer by April Lynn Kihlstrom

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Authors: April Lynn Kihlstrom
you insisted Rena didn’t have an umbrella.
Actually, I didn’t think you’d use it.”
    Slightly annoyed and feeling mischievous, Janine said, “I suppose, to be fair to Rena, I ought to slip it
back into your apartment right before she gets back.
Alan tells me that’s what she would do.”

    “Never mind what Alan says!” Mark snapped.
    “Actually,” Janine continued as if she hadn’t heard,
“there are more possibilities with an umbrella than
without. After all, without one a woman has to wait for
some man to offer to share his. If she has the umbrella
she can look over the men without umbrellas and pick
one to share hers with. She has more choice that way,
don’t you think?”
    “I wouldn’t know!”
    By this time they were outside the museum and
Mark began taking long, angry strides. Amazed at the
strength of Mark’s reaction and not quite sure where he
was headed, Janine stopped walking. She just stood
still watching him continue down the street, both eyes
on the ground. Abruptly he stopped and looked
around with a puzzled expression on his face. Janine
burst out laughing and waited as Mark strode back to
her. “What are you doing?” he demanded. “Why did
you stop?”
    “Because I wasn’t sure we were headed in the same
direction,” Janine answered honestly.
    “We are,” he said shortly.
    “Doesn’t that depend on where you’re headed?” she
    “Yes, but I’m headed to St. Michel where there are
lots of men waiting to be picked up so there’s no
conflict,” he said savagely. For a few seconds his eyes
roamed over Janine, then he added, “I must say you are
dressed for the part in that short skirt!”
    Janine gasped, then said tightly, “I’m sorry I teased
you about Rena. It was wrong and I apologize. But there is no reason to be so nasty. We are not going in
the same direction after all. Good day, Monsieur

    Janine turned and started to walk away as quickly as
possible. Mark grabbed her arm and swung her around
to face him. For a moment they glared at each other,
then Mark slowly relaxed. “I’m sorry,” he said. “Can
we start over again? Pretend we just came out of the
    Janine wanted to refuse, but Mark was looking at
her earnestly. He had been obnoxious, but Janine had
to admit that if she were engaged to Rena she would be
oversensitive to such jokes too. Suddenly she felt sorry
for Mark. “All right,” she said, almost managing a
    Mark visibly relaxed further and ran a hand through
his unruly hair. “Where are you headed now?” he
    “I’m not sure,” Janine said. “I thought perhaps I
would go over to the quaff and wander along peering in
    Mark nodded. “Why don’t we start at St. Michel and
work our way east? There is also a shop with old prints
and maps and things that you might find interesting.”
    Janine decided not to point out that she had planned
to spend the day alone. Instead, she shrugged. After all,
Mark probably did know where the most interesting
bookstalls and shops were. If only he weren’t so
autocratic she might learn to like him.
    “I’d better warn you,” he said as they walked toward
the quaff, “don’t buy anything until you’ve seen several
bookstalls, especially if I suggest you wait.”
    “Why?” Janine demanded. “Don’t you think I’ve got
any common sense?”

    “Sure.” Mark grinned. “But I suspect you’re going to
find lots and lots of things you want to buy. You won’t
be able to afford them all and you won’t necessarily see
the best ones first. You can always go back to a stall,
you know.”
    Janine had to admit this made sense. Mark did seem
to know the bouquinistes well. He quickly caught on to
the sorts of things Janine liked and when they went into
the shop Mark had mentioned, he immediately
requested exactly the right portfolios. “Are you a
mindreader?” she asked as she opened the first

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