Only His

Only His by Susan Mallery

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Authors: Susan Mallery
hadn’t seen it that way.
    Dakota had assumed she wouldn’t find a forever kind of love and had already contacted an adoption agency. While falling for Finn, she’d received word she’d been approved to adopt Hannah, then six months old. The situation had only gotten more complicated when Dakota became pregnant. It had been a busy few months.
    Now Finn had relocated to Fool’s Gold, bought a local air cargo and tour company and they were planning a wedding.
    â€œYou two set the date yet?” Nevada asked as the three of them walked toward the front door.
    Dakota looked at Finn, then back at Nevada. “No. We’re still talking.”
    Finn pushed open the door and they stepped into bedlam.
    The rest of the family was already there, along with a big golden retriever–Labrador mix named Fluffy, who did her best to greet everyone by knocking them off their feet and licking them into submission.
    â€œWe seem to be the last to arrive,” Nevada told Hannah as the baby looked around and laughed when she saw all the people she loved.
    Ethan and his wife, Liz, had their three kids with them. Kent and his son, Reese, were attempting to corral an uncooperative Fluffy, while Montana, Nevada’s other triplet sister, offered advice. Her fiancé, Simon, stood quietly on the sidelines, as he always did. But these days he looked much happier and more relaxed. Tucker was chatting with Denise and—
    Nevada stiffened as she visually backtracked. Tucker?
    â€œYou’re here!” Denise patted Tucker on the arm and hurried toward the door. “There you are, Hannah. Come to Nana, my darling girl.”
    Hannah held out her arms as her grandmother approached, and the child went easily into Denise’s embrace. Nevada stepped back, not so much to get out of the way as to regroup.
    â€œFinn, have you met Tucker?” Denise asked. “He’s an old friend of Ethan’s and now Nevada works for him. His company is the one building the resort and casino outside of town.”
    The two men shook hands.
    â€œWhat is he doing here?” Nevada asked her mother, whispering so the question wouldn’t be overheard.
    â€œHe’s alone in town. I thought he would enjoy a family meal.”
    â€œYou told Ethan I slept with Tucker so Ethan would beat him up.”
    Her mother didn’t look the least bit guilty. “I had to do something. Now he’s been warned and we can move on.”
    That was just like her mother, Nevada thought, telling herself she shouldn’t be surprised.
    â€œWhat are you? A member of the Mafia? Did it occur to you I would find this awkward?” she asked.
    â€œHow could you? You work with him.”
    Right. Because they didn’t have a personal relationship now—all kissing aside.
    â€œFine,” Nevada said with a sigh.
    â€œI’m glad you’re all right with this, because I put you next to him at the table.”
    Denise took Hannah into the kitchen. Nevada stood there, not sure if she should follow or duck upstairs and hide. Before she could decide, Tucker walked over with a glass of wine and handed it to her.
    â€œI’d forgotten what it was like to be around your family,” he admitted.
    â€œIt’s been a long time.”
    â€œNot since that summer Ethan and I went to cycling camp with Josh Golden. We were sixteen.”
    That made her all of ten. She hadn’t noticed him back then. He’d just been one of her brother’s boring friends.
    â€œWe’re louder now,” she told him.
    â€œAnd bigger. I can’t get over Ethan’s family.”
    She looked at the teenagers, who were laughing about something together. “I like that they stay in the room with us instead of disappearing into the family room to play with the Wii Mom bought them.”
    â€œBoth Montana and Dakota are engaged.”
    â€œUh-huh. Simon’s a surgeon and Finn is a pilot. Cargo and private tours.

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