Offensive Behavior (Sidelined #1)

Offensive Behavior (Sidelined #1) by Ainslie Paton

Book: Offensive Behavior (Sidelined #1) by Ainslie Paton Read Free Book Online
Authors: Ainslie Paton
everything about the trembling, deliberateness of him, the dirty
worshipping he lavished on her. Thumbs circling her nipples, rolling her breast
in his hand, stroking down her body to cup between her legs.
fingers inside me now.”
    He was
good at taking instruction. He stroked three fingers through her and pushed
into her vagina with one, making a low soft moan, and they both took shuddery
    He took
her chin in his other hand and brought her head up. “I need to see you.”
sound of his voice, whiskey deep and bourbon low, made her want to climb him. “I
need you in me.”
he took his hand away and moved, shut the water off and pulled a towel around
her shoulders, made a rough attempt at drying himself. “It has to be about you
now. I should’ve thought. I don’t have condoms.”
Reid could say that and get away with it.
    But he
looked like someone just ran over his beloved dog.
    She had
condoms and she should insist he use them. But she was clean and so was he, and
she had not getting pregnant covered with the best birth control money could
buy, and an intimate knowledge of her cycle. Lightning wasn’t striking the same
place twice, and if it did, she had options she hadn’t considered at eighteen.
tested regularly and I’m clean, Lou insists.” She held her arm up and pointed
to the faint shadow of the implant. “I’m on birth control. We don’t need
because I . . .” He tried to be noble and failed.
    “I have
condoms and I could insist you use them, but we’re good to go. We’re perfect.” They
were also sleepless, full of breakfast sugar and high on each other. Reid was
no less edgy than he had been, and Zarley was finding it hard to stay centered
on him, she wanted to climb his body and shake him to his core.
you thought about this, how did you want it to be?
dumped his towel, grabbed the end of hers and used it to pull her body into the
gorgeous clean warmth of him. “I didn’t want a pity fuck.”
gripped his face in both hands and gave him a fierce look. “You know this is
not like that.” His eye contact flickered, and he moved his head, dislodging
her hands. Oh, goddamn, he didn’t know. “You do it to me, Reid. All of
you, smart and stupid, brave and alone. You get to me. Your body, the way you
think. You’re arrogant, opinionated, stubborn and persistent, and I like all of
those things on you. And that I get to have you first.” She wound her arms
around his neck. “You have no idea how much I like that. How much I like you
don’t make me feel ashamed.”
fixed on her eyes. “Ashamed of what?”
the town slut who ruined her chance to represent her country at the Olympics,
who missed her chance at a medal. Who went off the rails and stuffed up her
life. Who dances in a two-bit dive because it’s the only thing she’s qualified
to do and she hasn’t gotten over the old dream yet. “Of being the experienced
has to be the adult here and it’s not me.” He gave a rough laugh. “We are
perfect.” He let the towel drop to wrap his arms around her. “Someone made you
feel ashamed for liking sex, and I’m ashamed I took so long to get around to
shame between us, no pity, no lies, no mistakes, no stupid promises.” She stood
on his feet and bit his pec, where the words were written. “Just lots and lots
of crazy hot mind-blowing sex till we’re tired of each other.”
a plan I can get with.”
me to bed and wreck me, Reid.”
behind her knees, he lifted her, strode into the bedroom, stopped at the foot
of the bed and tossed her onto it. She landed with a squeal of delight, sitting
on her tail, legs out in front, and lay back as he crawled over her. He’d lost
the anxious hesitancy, the get me out of here before I break something look in
his eyes, and she’d relieved him of that as much as she’d excited him.
thing they

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