Never Get Enough (Enough #1)

Never Get Enough (Enough #1) by Kate Daniels

Book: Never Get Enough (Enough #1) by Kate Daniels Read Free Book Online
Authors: Kate Daniels
and Carter moves quickly on top of her. She slaps her twice across the face, and then she holds her down.
    Carter asks her, “Do you promise to leave me and Bray alone?” Davis still manages to smirk at her so Carter slaps her again and again until Davis is crying. “Do you promise to leave us alone?” Davis sobs loudly, “Yes, yes, I promise! Now get the fuck off me, you crazy bitch!” And with that Carter hops off and motions for Davis to move along. Then she studies everyone around us watching her and suddenly drops into a curtsy. Al l of us watching are stunned for a moment and then everyone starts yelling and cheering at once and it becomes a surreal moment for me. I don’t want other guys seeing her mud wrestle and looking so sexy, but I also know I love to watch her become wild and free like this. Tonight she showed everyone how tough she can be, and I found her fight scary but also sexy as hell.
    I head toward her and she jumps into my arms mud and all. “Did you see me, Bray? I pounded her into the ground , and now I feel so much better. No wonder you always beat up anybody who makes comments to me. It probably makes you feel so much better too, that was so much fun. Let’s go get something to drink now.” I look at her like she is crazy and ask, “You want to stay after all that, baby doll? I know she got a few hits in. Your ear is red from where she hit you, and not that you don’t still look sexy but you are covered in mud.” She shakes her head and studies me then says, “I won that fight and am damn proud of it. We stayed away from the last party cause you got in a fight. I am not missing out on this one too. What if this is a new tradition and one of us gets into a fight at every party? We can’t miss out on parties because of a fight.” I can tell she’s on an adrenaline high from the fight so I do what she says and take her to get a drink.
    I look around at all m y friends around the fire and feel perfectly content. My baby doll is on my lap whispering dirty things to me cause she has had a little too much to drink. I’m getting ready for the biggest football season of my life with my best friend and my girl. She just beat the shit out of the crazy girl that has tried to annoyingly stalk me this past year. And now she seems to be over her upset and just keep rubbing on my dick with her ass and talking about touching and kissing it. Life couldn’t get any better unless she actually was kissing it and we would have to be alone for that. We will get to that part of the night soon if she stays awake for it, but for right now I’m really enjoying just being able to be a couple around our friends.
    Cole and Hampton have wondered off to go fuck in the woods, I wondered if me and Carter would be doing that at the next party to gether. I never thought she’d be the type of girl to do that kind of stuff, but she’s way more open sexually with me than I ever thought she would be. I love it though because it means she really trusts me, and she is getting more comfortable with me when it comes to sex. Just then she motions for me to lean down so she can tell me something. “Cole and Hampton,” she whispers, ”just snuck off together, Bray.” She looks at me like I need to do something about this and I can’t figure out what. She knows they fool around. “Can’t we go somewhere for a little bit too, please?”
    Now that makes me smile, since I was just thinking about sneaking off with her at a later party. “Of course, we can, baby doll. But I don’t want to take it too f ar because you’ve had a lot to drink and I don’t want to take advantage of you.” She’s shaking her head quickly and I can see she means business and is about to argue with me. The lip comes out and I know I’m a goner, “Bray, I only had two cause I knew you would say that. I promise you won’t be taking advantage. I want you, please.” I sigh and know that I’m easily swayed by her but have no idea how to change

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