Never Ever Leave Me

Never Ever Leave Me by Elly Grant

Book: Never Ever Leave Me by Elly Grant Read Free Book Online
Authors: Elly Grant
even more beautiful than he’d remembered.  Like him, Katy was wearing jeans, but hers were topped by a pretty blue blouse which perfectly accentuated the colour of her eyes.
    “I wasn’t sure what to wear,” she said.  “Is this all right?”
    “Beautiful,” John replied.  He couldn’t take his eyes off her.  For a moment there was an awkward silence then he cleared his throat.  “You look beautiful and very appropriate for the venue.”
    “I have to admit , I wasn’t sure, so I went into Top Shop and asked an assistant,” Katy said.  “I’m a bit out of touch when it comes to choosing what to wear to a pub.”
    John burst out laughing, “Me too,” he said then he pointed to his clothes.  “T-shirt, jeans and jacket, all from Top Man, I was nervous in case I looked too much like a boring old fart so I went into the shop and asked a young lad for advice.”
    The laughter broke the ice and both were relieved.  As they made their way out of the building and walked towards the pub, Katy slipped her arm through his. This action felt natural and they walked in step, chatting about work, likes and dislikes, anything that came to mind.
    T he pub was in the heart of the city and it was unlike anything Katy had ever seen before.  It was very large and lively, full of people shouting to each other above the loud music that was booming out of speakers which seemed to be everywhere.  It was so noisy she could hardly hear John speak, surely they couldn’t hold a pub quiz here she thought?  They fought their way to the bar where John managed to get the attention of one of the barmen.
    “Is there a quiz being held here tonight?” he asked.  “I was told you held one on a Tuesday.”
    “Up those stairs, pal, in the tapas bar,” the man answered pointing to a spiral stairway to the right of the door.  “There’s a big money prize tonight as well as a crate of beer.  It’s a rollover, two hundred pounds.  Good luck, pal.  Can I get you anything just now?”
    John looked at Katy.
    “Let’s wait until we’re upstairs,” she answered.  “I don’t fancy trying to carry a drink through this crowd.”
    He thanked the barman then, holding Katy’s elbow, they negotiated their way through the crowd and climbed the stairs.  They emerged into a large quiet room set out with long trestle tables and a bar at one end.  John spotted the quiz team immediately.
    “Over here , Prof,” one of the young men stood up and called to him.  When they joined the group the young man, who was called Liam said, “I’m so glad you could manage because two of the team have cancelled.  We thought we’d be down to just the four of us.”
    John quickly introduced Katy to the group which consisted of three boys and one girl.  The other boys were Paul and Gary.  Liam introduced the girl as Chas and said she was his sister.  John always thought Chas was short for Charles but he didn’t risk asking any questions because she looked more butch than the boys.  She had a skinhead haircut, tattoos, piercings and muscles a wrestler would have been proud of.
    John got in the first round of drinks and Katy was commandeered into the team to make up the numbers.  They ordered some tapas from the bar and the group were in fine spirits when the quiz master duly appeared.   Their group was called the ‘Bar Flies’ and, after several rounds of questions, they found themselves in tied first place with another group aptly named ‘The Blues Brothers’ as each member wore a dark suit, hat and shades.
    “The tie break question is going to be on the books of Jane Austen,” the quiz master said.
    There was a simultaneous groan from the ‘Blues Brothers’ and the ‘Bar Flies’.
    “We don’t know anything about Jane Austen,” Liam said morosely.   He looked miserable.
    “You speak for yourself,” Katy piped up.  “I’ve read all her books at least twice and I’ve seen several films and tv productions.   I’m a sad,

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