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old romantic, you see,” she explained.
    Everyone grinned.  “There’s a crate of beer at stake and two hundred pounds,” Chas said.  “That’s over thirty pound s each,” she stressed.
    “And the question is,” the quizmaster said then made a drum roll with his hands on the table.  “What was the name of the first Jane Austen novel to be completed for publication?”
    Once again the ‘Blues Brothers’ groaned in unison.
    “I know, I know, tough question, but it is a tie break and it’s worth two hundred quid and a crate of beer.”
    The ‘Bar Flies’ looked expectantly at Katy.
    “It’s not really about the content of her books.  It’s not really a fair question,” Paul moaned.
    Katy smiled, wrote something down on the quiz form and slid it across to Liam, their team captain.  “I agree with you Paul, but I know the answer,” she said grinning.
    Her team m ates gave a loud whoop and Liam rushed forward with the paper.
    The quiz master looked at the sheet then said, “And the answer is ‘Northanger Abbey’ and the winners are the ‘Bar Flies’.  Congratulations.”
    The group at the table erupted with stamping feet, cheers and whistles .  John grabbed Katy and planted a kiss on her lips followed by everyone else in the team patting her on the back and kissing her cheek.  The group was ecstatic.  After receiving their prize and dividing the loot, Katy and John said goodbye to the others and headed back towards Townhead.  Both agreed it was the best night out they’d had in a long time and they were already planning another date.  When they reached her building John accompanied Katy to her front door.
    “I’m so pleased we met again,” she said as she stood in the doorway.  “I’ve had a great time.”
    “Me too,” John agreed.  “I’ll call you tomorrow after work.  Would you like to have dinner with me on Thursday?  I know you see your friend on Wednesdays.”
    “Thanks, I’d like that.”
    They stood awkwardly for a moment as each was unsure what to do next.  Finally, John plucked up the courage to embrace Katy.  He gently pressed his lips to hers and the touch was electric.  His heart pounded in his chest, his lips trembled slightly and he felt a passionate stirring in his loins.  He drew back.  He didn’t want to be too full on, not at this early stage in their relationship.
    “I’m sorry,” he said unsure what he was apologising for.
    “Don’t be,” she replied breathlessly and she drew him back for another embrace.
    John held Katy close as his mouth found hers once again.  Their kiss was fierce and passionate, their lips and tongues searching, probing.  Even after the kiss had ended they clung to each other reluctant to part.
    “I’d better go,” he said with a sigh.
    She nodded.  She knew the time wasn’t right for anything more, but she wanted more.
    “Until tomorrow then,” he said.
    “ Yes, we’ll talk then, until tomorrow,” she agreed.  But as John got back into the lift and Katy entered her flat and shut her front door behind her she added, “Tomorrow, and tomorrow and tomorrow.”

    CHAPTER 16
    “Well, tell me what happened,” Seher said.  “I want to know every last detail.  Did he kiss you?  Did you ask him back for coffee?  Did you….you know?”
    “Yes, he kissed me.  He walked me to my door, but didn’t come in and no, of course we didn’t.  It was our first date for goodness sake,” Katy replied.
    “Ah, so it was definitely a date then.  Are you seeing him again?”
    “He said he’d call today so get off the phone.  He might be trying to get through.  I’ll be seeing you in twenty minutes for the cinema and we can talk then.”
    “I’m coming round.  I’ll be there in ten, I’ve just got to do my hair,” Seher replied.
    Katy was about to say don’t come round so early because she wanted to be able to have a private conversation with John when he phoned, but before she could say another word she

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