Names Have Power: Tim's Magic Voice Makes A Harem

Names Have Power: Tim's Magic Voice Makes A Harem by Doctor MC

Book: Names Have Power: Tim's Magic Voice Makes A Harem by Doctor MC Read Free Book Online
Authors: Doctor MC
totally horny.”
    By now I’d undressed the mother completely, and I
was leading her to my bed. But I glanced over at Ashley Lynn and said, “Congratulations,
girl. You’ve finally spoken a word that wasn’t Sunday School approved.”
    I lay down with Ashley Sue. I kissed her on the
lips, while I played with her pussy. Then I got on top of her, kissing her
body. I treated her torso like a ski run: I kissed to the right, and I licked
to the left, but always I was moving in one overall direction.
    By the time that Ashley Sue’s pubic hair was
stroking my chin, she was moaning and writhing, and she reeked of pussy juice.
    I pushed myself up, looked Ashley Sue in the eyes,
and asked, “Are you ready to receive your first pussy-licking?”
    “ Do it! ”
    I did. Her hips came right off the bed when my
tongue touched her clit, and she screamed till she gasped for air. Beyond my
bedroom door sounded whistles and applause.
    I licked Ashley Sue’s pussy, and sucked on her
clit, for a good long time. She really liked my trick of pushing a finger in
her pussy, and both my thumb and my tongue stroking her clit at the same time.
    Did she enjoy the time I spent licking her? Let me
put it this way: I found myself wishing I’d brought a golf counter to bed. Did
she orgasm so hard, and so often, because I was great at cunnilingus? Perhaps.
Or perhaps Ashley Sue climaxed so well because she was so psyched up
    When I rolled off Ashley Sue and looked at the
clock, forty-five minutes had passed.
    “How was it, Mom?”
    “Daughter, it was wondrous . Timothy, thank
you, thank you.”
    I climbed off the bed, looked at Ashley Lynn, and
smiled. “I’m ready for you now, but I think you’d prefer for me to first wash
my face and brush my teeth.”
    “Please don’t take too long, Mister Hanson, okay?”
    “Okay, but no more `Mister Hanson’ while you’re sucking
my cock or I’m fucking you. Ashley Lynn, Ashley Sue, if sex is done right, we’re
    When I stepped out of the master bathroom, I saw
that Ashley Sue had pulled her panties back on. But she was making no effort to
dress further. It isn’t often I see a topless minister’s wife.
    I walked up to Ashley Lynn and put my hands on her
girlish shoulders. “Are you ready to fuck away your cherry, suck cock, and get
    “ Shit yeah , Tim!” the virginal minister’s
daughter replied.
    “Language, young lady,” Ashley Sue said. But she
was smiling.
    “Here we go, Ashley Lynn,” I said. Then I kissed
her. “Now I’m going to undress you.”
    Minutes later, I had Ashley Lynn bare to the waist.
She had great-looking skin that was also soft to the touch. Her tits were almost
as big as her mother’s, and the girl’s “girls” had no sag to them. “Great tits,”
I said.
    Ashley Lynn smiled big. “You really think so?”
    “Shit yeah, Ashley Lynn!” I said. All three of us
laughed. I was cupping both teenaged tits at the time, tugging at the nipples,
so I knew that both Ashleys knew I was sincere.
    Ashley Sue stepped forward. “Now, honey, do to him
what he did to you: Undress him to the waist.” Seconds later, the mother was
telling the daughter, “That’s it, whenever you see skin of his, caress it. It’ll
get both of you hot.”
    Seconds later, I said, “Your mom is right, you
know. Look, it’s gotten bigger and harder.” I was talking about the cock-bulge
in my pants.
    Ashley Lynn looked down, and her eyes got big. “Can
I touch it?”
    “Sure, in a little bit, you can touch it naked. But
for right now, rub the front of my pants.”
    “Oh, it’s like wood! Or steel.”
    “And you made me that way.”
    “`Wow’ is right,” Ashley Sue murmured.
    I sat Ashley Lynn on the edge of my bed, and pulled
off her shoes and knee-high stockings. She returned the favor with my shoes and
socks. Then I said, “Before I remove your skirt, I want you to remove my pants.”
    She nodded and de-pantsed me. Then I

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