Mossy Glenn Ranch 3 -Saddles and Memories

Mossy Glenn Ranch 3 -Saddles and Memories by Bailey Bradford

Book: Mossy Glenn Ranch 3 -Saddles and Memories by Bailey Bradford Read Free Book Online
Authors: Bailey Bradford
Tags: Erotic Romance Fiction
there’d be plenty of that, too.
    Salt had some trouble picturing it all, but being around Carlos, Will and Troy helped to show him what a healthy, loving relationship could be like.
    “Are you thinking about him again?”
    Salt barely kept from jolting upon hearing Rocky’s question. He blinked and looked down at the barbed wire he’d been stringing. “Sneaking up on me while I’m fixing the fence is just mean, Rocky.”
    She snorted and poked him on the shoulder. “Please. I made as much racket as a herd of bulls, you were just too busy thinking about lover boy to notice it!”
    Salt was sure his cheeks were going to catch fire from the strength of his blushing. Hopefully his tan-darkened skin disguised any pink trying to make its way through. “I was trying to figure out how much wire to unroll for the measurements I made, plus the length to—”
    “Uh-huh, sure ya were. I’ve seen you staring off with a goofy look on your mug more than once lately, and I think it’s sweet. If you ever tell anyone I said that, I’ll hurt you.”
    Salt glanced over his shoulder at Rocky. “What kind of friend are you?” he asked, teasing her because it was fun.
    Rocky smirked at him. “The best kind to have. I won’t let you lose a finger or an eye because you’re busy fantasising about fucking your stud instead of concentrating on stringing wire.”
    Her bluntness still shocked Salt. He should have been used to it by now, considering that Rocky was his best friend, and yet he wasn’t able to keep from guffawing with embarrassment.
    “You’re so cute when you’re all befuddled,” Rocky crooned right before cackling like the evilest witch in the world.
    “I’m always cute,” Salt retorted as he stood up from where he’d been squatting. “Damn, my back…” He stretched and his lower back, had it been able to, would have whimpered with relief. “This growing old shit sucks.”
    “Beats the alternative, which is dying young.” Rocky whistled loudly. Salt cringed. “Let’s have Ramsey and Duke finish over here. Ramsey needs to learn how to do his damned job.”
    Salt turned and watched the two men approach on foot after they hopped out of the truck bed. “You made them ride in the back?”
    “Why not?” Rocky asked, watching them as well. “Ramsey and his questions annoy the shit out of me. He’s a nosy fucker and if he were asking questions about how to do his job, I’d answer, but no. He wants to know everyone’s business. I’ve about had it with him.”
    Salt cocked his head as he considered the younger man. “I don’t trust him. Just gives me a bad feeling in my gut, but he seems harmless, and besides, what could he do?” Salt was afraid he might resent Ramsey because the guy was young and sexy as sin. He didn’t trust his judgement on the man.
    Rocky scooched closer to him. “Well, he could be a homophobic bastard posing as a gay man so he could get in here and kill everybody. Or something.”
    Salt gawped at Rocky. “That’s more paranoid than anything I ever thought!”
    “Close your mouth and keep it down,” Rocky murmured urgently. “I have some fucking awesome conspiracy theories I need to share with you sometime.”
    He chose to ignore that offer, instead keeping them on track with discussing Ramsey. “He’s not a homophobe. I’ve seen him checking out every man here excluding myself. Heard some very, uh, indisputable sounds coming out of the room he shares with Baxter, too. Not every night, but enough to know they’re getting off together.”
    Rocky jerked her gaze his way. “How’d I miss that?”
    “If you didn’t snore so loud it rattles the windows you mighta heard them,” Salt informed her. “Anyway, he’s gay, but my gut tells me not to trust him. Don’t know why.”
    “Maybe I should talk to Carlos.” Rocky went back to watching Ramsey and Duke.
    “Not yet. I wouldn’t want to be responsible for a good man losing his job, in case I’m just being a jackass.”

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